Speedy Dentelle (gold) or Mirage (noir) - what would be your pick?

  1. If you could choose between the dentelle or mirage, which one would you pick?

    I really love the dentelle, but the mirage has caught my attention as well. I'm wondering what would be a longer lasting love. I do like the 'simple handles on the dentelle...

    any inputs?
    DentelleSpeedy30Gold1.jpg louis-vuitton-speedy-mirage.jpg
  2. I'd pick the mirage in noir. It has a very classic look to it. Plus it's really easy to maintain, I've always worry about the laces on the dentelle. It's still a pretty bag but if I had to choose one over the other, mirage will get my vote.
  3. I think Mirage is more dramatic and striking, whereas the dentelle is more dainty and feminine. Personally I like the Mirage way better.
  4. My preference is the Mirage Speedy. It's such a classic hand bag and the patent leather on the bag is virtually maintenance free. The plus side is that there is no vachetta to worry about on the Mirage Speedy, making it an ideal bag for the Fall/Winter season. Also, patent leather is very "in" this season with all of the designers.
  5. I agree! Loving the Mirage Speedy a tad better!:tup:
  6. Mirage!

    I'd be afraid of all the lace on the dentelle. x_o
  7. Definitely mirage!
  8. yeah, that's what would worry me also.. the lace. I would want it to last for years to come though, since it would be my first LV..
    Have a patent black chanel, which would look great together with the mirage... but indeed like jellybabe said the dentelle is a bit more feminine..

    Asked my dad to bring me back the dentelle from Japan (if they still have it that is), but maybe I should change it into mirage?...
  9. Mirage, hands down.
  10. I think the Mirage is fabulous! I never really liked Dentelle.
  11. I think Dentelle is more classic; no patent and less loud structure. I like Dentelle more.
  12. Mirage for sure!
  13. Dentelle in gold without a doubt! I find this to be a more creative and unique piece. I love the mirage, but the Dentelle is a work of art IMO.
  14. i'm not a dentelle fan so i'm going to say the mirage. but i love the bordeux better
  15. I have to say Mirage, but I am one of the few that does not like the Dentelle all that much. I love my Mirage.