Speedy Dentelle fakes already on the market!

  1. Hard to believe, but I have already seen fake Speedy Dentelles on a well-known site that sells counterfeit merchandise. I was shocked that they were made so quickly!

    Just wanted to let everyone know to be careful!
  2. dentelle fakes where out months before the real one's, those fakers really suck!!
  3. yep- the fakers wre getting fast! The put out bags even before LV does- last year they these funky "medallion" bags in mono and leather that looked a little like the stamped bags and quilted chain line :shrugs:
  4. these counterfeit people never give u do they? ugh. :blah:
  5. disgusting!
  6. Argh! I can't believe the Dentelle line has already been faked. :yucky: So sad.
  7. That's terrible. I can only imagine how icky the fake dentelle looks- it doesn't seem like an easy bag to get "right". EEk.
  8. Thats too bad!

    They are getting oh so quick!
  9. Ugghh... I wonder how in the world they do this. Is it just from seeing a runway show?:confused1:
  10. :yucky: Look at this one... shame on them, and they did an awful job on it.
  11. :yucky: :cursing: :graucho: :roflmfao:
  12. :yucky: That looks awlful!
  13. That is disgusting....stupid fakers!
  14. for the lace, it looks like someone glued on a paper doily!
  15. I've seen them too! ugh and they look horrible!