Speedy debate

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  1. I am thinking of selling my Damier speedy 35 that i got last year and buying a monogram speedy b25 ( i do have a mono speedy 30 from a long time ago and I also have a speedyb azur 35b. I am unsure if i should do this but I would really like a crossbody and I know the pochette Métis is really hard to get. Thoughts ? Also does anyone wear the speedy with the monogram strap or have a pic to share if you do bc I was thinking of doing that. Help
  2. Your unsure so don’t do it. I’ve sold a zillion bags i now regret. Much more careful now.
  3. If you are unsure I would wait a bit and think on it. I use to have a lot more bags than I do now. I do regret selling them but they also just sat in my closet unlocked. So now I just buy a few bags that I rotate often and only buy what I need and will use when making purchases.
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  4. I say YES, I would do it because the mono speedy b is a good replacement for the PM.. plus no potential glazing issues and more versatility being able to use the SpeedyB three ways..

    But first I would ask myself these questions:
    Are you using the DE Speedy 35?
    Do you like handheld only?
    Is it a little too big for you?

    Depending on the answers I’d make my decision, check out the clubhouse for lots of pics... gld!
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  5. 4E5E87C6-57E6-4EE6-AAB0-CD331C3EDABD.jpeg B7C57DE6-7800-4652-B8BE-CF3122B4E62C.jpeg My second/third most used bag: Speedy b25 with mono strap. I use the mono strap almost exclusively whenever I carry her. The strap-bag combo tends to blend in with my darker wardrobe when worn xbody. Hope that helps!
  6. This is going to sound super silly I couldn’t wait for the Damier speedy bag last year then I got pregnant right when I got it and you know how you get turned off with food I got turned off with my favorite bags! Luckily most of my love returned after I had the baby but I dont have the love I did have for that one. The 35 I always loved for speedys but now I would like a new mono bag and now that I’ve send your combo pic I
  7. I like the size of 35 but I think I want a crossbody hmmmm
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  8. It really is a great little bag and a true classic. But with the new baby, won’t you need a larger everyday bag just to hold the baby stuff? Maybe the 25 will be a better option down the line...unless you plan to just put your stuff in it and carry a separate bag for the baby stuff. Whatever your decision, the 25 is wonderful as a xbody.:smile:
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  9. I gave a diaper bag backpack that I got so it would be just for my stuff. I went to the store today to go see it... super cute actually. The only thing is that opening seems a little tight..:
  10. The opening of the 25 is kinda tight indeed, but the bag holds a ton! I think it's a GREAT alternative to the Pochette Métis.
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  11. I too think it’s a great alternative to the PM. I love crossbody bags. I think this one offers a ton of versatility and is also functional. The 25 in my opinion is the perfect size. It fits just enough but not enough to allow it to clutter up with unnecessary items.
  12. I also agree with the above posters. I think the 25b is perfect. Not too big, but does hold a ton of things! I love mine!