Speedy DE vs Speedy B DE

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  1. Next Friday the Speedy DE will be mine! After reading tons of posts about this bag, I am kinda getting the feeling that the Speedy DE is better quality than the Speedy B DE (as far as thickness of canvas, colour etc.). I am really torn as to which bag I am going to choose! If the Speedy DE is better quality I am thinking of just purchasing a shoulder strap for it. Would this work? Any pics of the Speedy DE with an attached strap? Can you awesome TPFer's shed some more light on these bags to help in my decision making?
  2. i have a speedy ebene (without strap) and also a monogram idylle (with strap). love them both. but i think the ebene is more classic without the strap! good luck :biggrin:
  3. I think either bag would be great! But I've heard that if you attach a shoulder strap to speedy handles, they can get ripped because it pulls on them unevenly. So it's safer to use the ordinary speedy just as a handheld bag and buy the speedy b if you want to carry it on your shoulder or cross body. Good luck with your choice!
  4. I just bought a Speedy B DE about a month ago. I would suggest you compare both of them in the store and see if you can feel a quality difference. A thinner canvas doesn't necessarily mean less quality. It means better function as the Speedy B is meant to be worn cross body and therefore meant to mold against you instead of being very structured.

    I compared both in my store and honestly couldn't tell the difference. I also have a Delightful and I think the Speedy B's canvas is thicker than the Delightful. But, the Delightful is meant to be a slouchy bag so it's function rather than quality.
  5. i carried my speedy with straps all the time so if i can get the one that comes with strap i would get the one with strap
  6. Nothing againts speedy B really but personally I just LVoe Speedy more so I would go with Speedy DE...which I am considering to get for xmas LOL good luck ;)
  7. I just received the speedy B DE (30) as a gift from my hubby. I am loving it! I sold my mono speedy 35 because I never wanted to carry it because it only had top handle options. I needed to be able to fling it over my shoulder or across my body!

    I feel like this bag is a classic beauty!