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  1. Hi All..

    I need help on the speedy date code, quite confused...

    I have a 30 and 25, the 25's date code is located on the right hand side if tge tab when i flip the interior pocket up. The 20 i have is located on the left hand side... is this a problem??

    THANKS!! :heart:
  2. I haven't seen this yet, are you certain it's authentic? If so, then it's just a variation on the item and isn't a problem.
  3. a customer service at eluxury said to me that the same style bag can have dfferent placement of the date code tag
  4. really?? yeah i thought it was real, but i have two.. of them.. one of the color looks off.. one is more vibrant.. so confused!!

    But the only difference was where the placement of date code was...
  5. It's normal for date code locations, such as the Speedy, to be located on a different tab. Did you purchase these bags from the boutique, eLux, or eBay?
  6. speedy 25 from the boutique, so i know it's authentic, but the 30 just has the datecode in diff location.

    But it's good to know that they can have different places for the datecodes!!

    The other problem is that when i put the two side by side, leather looks a little different!... i got that from eBay! maybe i should post that on the authenticte section?
  7. That would be good if you just want a peace of mind. :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.