Speedy damier vs ribera mini

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  1. hi all . good days...... need your opinion between speedy damier AND ribera mini...:tup: thanks
  2. Not a fan of the Ribera... so Speedy!
  3. speedy for me...
  4. Speedy for me too!!
  5. Between speedy and ribera mini, I choose speedy.
    If it were the MM I'd prefer that.
  6. i like speedy more
  7. I like the Ribera, but I prefer the MM.
  8. speedy...
  9. I fell exactly the same, i have bouth of them. But I like the Ribera MM the best, it is to stylis.
  10. i have the ribera mini and i think its' sooo cute, but it's small! i don't use it very much. it can also be slightly hard to get in and out of bc it's much more structured than the speedy. i'm actually thinking of getting a speedy 30 in the damier.
  11. Speedy
  12. Speedy! Ribery mini is really tiny. But I loooove the bigger version of it!
  13. The Speedy is lightwieght and softer.
  14. Speedy all the way!! Beautiful roomy comfy bag!!
  15. Hmm thats really hard. Speedy because it is classic!