Speedy Damier or Mono???


Which Speedy?

  1. Mono

  2. Damier

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a Speedy 30 FOREVER. So for my very first LV, should I get it in Damier or Mono? I'm really torn. Here are my pros and cons for each:

    Mono: Pro (classic, Audrey Hepburn carried it, I love the patina effect, I love that years from now it'll still be a classic) Con (fakes everywhere, sometimes I'm not sure if I like the major logo, everyone has one)

    Damier: Pro (love the coloring, no logo, not as many replicas) Con (doesn't patina, not as 'casual')

    What do you guys think? :s
  2. i prefer the Damier. it's just as casual as the Monogram, and it's so much less common and overrated than the Monogram.
  3. I'd also agree with the Damier. like Sandra said, less common, and from what i think, much better looking.
  4. Mono !! You can't go wrong with a classic !
  5. I don't know if these stats will influence your decision, but today, when I was at the new Bloomingdales in SF, I saw:

    10 women carrying a Mono Speedy
    0 women carrying the Damier Speedy

    I say go for the Damier Speedy
  6. or better yet,get the Damier Azur,realy unique and not as common as a mono because its damier,but if your looking for a more winter color get the one you realy prefer,dont just get it because its less common or something,go with the one you love best:smile:
  7. I hate to choose ..get both...lol

    Get damier, it's less common and worry free..
  8. I will choose the mono, though its so common but i still love that...
  9. Damier! The more I see it, the more I like it! :graucho:
  10. I agree. I voted for the mono
  11. Damier all the way!
  12. Here few reasons to buy Damier instead Mono..but don't take me wrong I have couple of mono pieces:yes:
    1. Less common
    2. Still classic
    3. You don't have to be worry about vachetta turning ugly at the handles
    4. Makes your outfit look more sophisticated
    5. Less imitations out there
    6. "I can see clearly now the rain is gone and my bag still strong":roflmfao:
  13. I voted for Speedy 30 Mono! Such a classic and if you get one then we can be TWINS! hehehehehe!!! I like the Damier in 25 - i reckon its SO cute!!!
  14. I like the Daimer better, but wait until the lining thing gets fixed....way too many people having problems for me to chance it...JMHO.
  15. Mono Speedy!!