Speedy Damier or Mono as a first..???

  1. Hi !!
    I have a question for you all. I've loved LV since I saw one of my teachers carrying an alma. Because of my mom's financial situation I was never able to buy a bag myself but now for my sweet 16 my mom said she'll buy me one..!!! I'm really happy *ofcourse* but now I have a little problem. I definately want a speedy but I don't know if I should take Damier or Mono. I love the mono but there are a lot, really a lot of fakes here in holland. I don't really care about that but still it's sad because with young girls poeple usually assume it's a fake. I love the damier a lot too, but it has no monogram on it.IT is more original though and I will not get al the questions "is it a fake????" What do you think would be the perfect all day bag for a girl in a rainy country :p. Maybe post some pics of your bags for me..???
    Thank you :heart:
  2. I'd say mono --- its soo classic and even if there are fakes, you'll always know its authentic-- and that's what its all about :smile: However, you may want the Damier if you are in a rainy country so as not to ruin the vachetta. Ultimately, my vote is Mono!!! You will have to post pics when you get your bag :smile:
  3. Thank for the help. I'd have to wait till january though before I can get it because of traveling to amsterdam but I want to decide on what to get a.s.a.p. then I have something to really look forward to :smile:
  4. For your age, I'd get something that itsn't too flashy. I'd go with Damier.

    As for modeling pics, there are TONS of pics in the Visual Aids Sticky in the Reference section. ;)
  5. Rainy country makes me vote for Damier.
  6. I'd get the DAMIER Speedy.

    That way you don't have to worry about the vachetta getting water spots since you live in a rainy country and so you also don't have to worry about all those "Is that real?" questions.

    Good Luck and lets us know what you decide! :smile:
  7. Rainy = Damier. No question about it.

    Plus the red lining is super...
  8. I prefer damier, because it's subtle and I don't like obvious logos. Moreover there are a LOT of fakes where I work. But that's a personal choice: in a funny way, I wish I was bold enough to wear logos :s because the mono speedy is a timeless classic

    here's pic of me carrying my damier speedy:

  9. How about the Mini Lin?
    No Vachetta to worry about in the rain. Easy to maintain.
    You still get the LV logo.
    Not faked that often.

  10. I would say Mono, all time classic...
  11. Damier gets my vote!
  12. MissThing I love the damier on you. I think I'll go for the damier too because what you al siad the vachetta on the mono will get ugly with rain and I would like my bag to stay pretty :smile:

    Owh and beljwl I love your dog.
  13. Another vote for Damier...
  14. Mono. as long as you take care of it it will stay clean.
  15. I'd go with damier, its not as flasy but you know its LV and people wouldn't be asking you is that fake, plus it'd be easier to manage cause there is not vachetta on it