Speedy Damier Ebene or Speedy Empreinte

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  1. I am torn between speedy DE & Empreinte... DE are lightweight while Empreinte are more luxury feeling.. While the price for them are totally different...
    Wat should I choose?
  2. What else do you already have? I'd go for the DE (which I have) because of the light weight because heavy bags give me shoulder pain, but the empriente is beautiful.
  3. +1 my de speedy is my favorite!
  4. empreinte for sure!!!😜
  5. IMO, empreinte is not that heavy, especially if you go for the 25 size
  6. Empreinte all the way. Leather over canvas all day!
  7. definitely the Empreinte, love the leather. it's so much more interesting and prettier than the Ebene.
  8. Empreinte is in a totally different league. The leather is amazing, it's much more unique, and it's just super special. Like DE you can wear it in snow or rain. It's not heavy, either. I mean leather is heavier than canvas but it's not that heavy. I am small and I have the 30 and I don't find it heavy.
  9. I think DE is prettier :smile:
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  10. You really can't even compare these two..
    I have a DE Speedy and love it.
    I also have a bag in the Empreinte line and love it..
    But they are two totally different bags..
  11. Empreinte, the leather is amazing. The DE is lightweight but I personally don't find the Emp that heavy. If you are considering the Speedy B, the Emp strap is way more comfortable IMO. The Emp looks great worn casual but looks better dressed up than the DE. The imprinted Monogram, feel of the leather, details on the hardware, feet on the bottom...I just like this one better. :love:
  12. If I could go for this price point it would definitely be empriente! Good luck deciding!
  13. Empreinte for sure!
  14. Empreinte. No contest. Just my opinion :smile:
  15. i like them both.. get the DE now and maybe later on the Emp. one