Speedy Damier Ebene 25 bad workmanship???

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  1. Need you help. Yesterday i got a new Speedy Damier 25. The bag i ever wanted to have. The seam on right side looks very creasy (sorry, hope that ist the right word. my english isn't that good!) I mean it is not so straight like on the other side.

    Please look at the picture and tell me what you think and how your bag looks like. I am thinking of changing it tomorrow.

    My husband says i'm totally crazy. Please help me.

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  2. Hello! Has nobody an opinion?
  3. I see that all the time, its normal. BUT if it bothers you, exchange it for a different one.
  4. my speedy still has creases like that. its from when it was folded up, i think
  5. Thanx for your help! I think i'm a little more complicated than other people. Would it bother you? Maybe other Speedys have other problems, or not? :smile:
  6. I have the damier ebene in 35 and mine has creases like yours.....i believe this happens because the bag is not structured....i stuffed my bag to see if it will disappear and it kinda did....maybe a speedy shaper will help......it's funny...my husband calls me crazy too when I dwell on the flaws or what I think are flaws....well I hope this doesn't drive you crazy =).....
  7. The Creases on the canvas doesn't bother me at all, but that the brown leather seam could be so creasy i have not seen before. But when you guys say that its normal....
  8. Do you mean the creases on the canvas or that the seam isn't not straight enough? Because my problem is the seam.
  9. i would need to see the other side to compare. although it does look normal to me
  10. Looks normal to me, but it if it bothers you take it to the store and check some other ones out.
  11. I will take a second pic. But a little later because we having dinner now. Ist 8 pm in Germany :smile:
  12. I think she means the seam
  13. I've got the exact same bag... and mine looks exactly the same, think it's normal. Doesn't bother me at all.

  14. also called Piping :biggrin:
  15. seam/piping is not straight hence the creasing...hopes this helps.....I got mine in Frankfurt BTW....I always looks at a couple of them and choose what I think looks the best.....;)