speedy damier azur vs epi speedy?

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  1. I got a Damier Azur and I am regretting it. Should I have gotten it in Epi?

    Please help!
  2. If you're regretting it, I think you should return it for the Epi! :yes:
  3. if it were me, i definitely would have gotten the epi instead of the azur. gut i agree with krmkjk. if you're regretting it, you should take it back and get the epi instead.
  4. I like the epi more and it sounds like you are not happy with it either, so take it back and get something that you will LOVE!
  5. I really like my azur, but if your not liking it, exchange it.
  6. azurrrrrrrrr
  7. i think that the azur is nice but if you have second thoughts, then do an exchange for the epi speedy.
  8. I think epi is a better choice. :yes:
  9. epi is more elegant....
  10. Go for the epi as it is a very classy bag.
  11. Go with what you love.
  12. epi !!!
  13. the reason i really like epi is because its holds that "new look" far longer than the azur...the second that bag patinas you have lost its youthful apperance.
  14. I think epi is a better choice...
  15. I like the epi too....but I like the azur too......ok i'm no help at all! wait a day and see if you still want to exchange. pose with the azur a little!