Speedy Damier azur italian style...

  1. hi,
    I live in Milan and here we love the speedy azur ( mine is 30) with the mini pochette attached!
    In your country is the same?:confused1:
    azur 2.JPG azur1.JPG
  2. LVoe it here in the US!!!
  3. Congrats!! Beautiful!!
  4. Wow....never seen that b4.
  5. Very nice.
  6. I love the Azur look also, however I live in a rural area where Walmart and Kmart are the normal stores so no, this won't ever be seen around here unless it's at my house...:roflmfao:. I would love to visit Milan one day! Have to say I'd have to bring back a little Prada something from there though...
  7. That looks cool!! I love mine!!
  8. Very clever! I've never seen it worn like that before!
  9. Yes! There are members who have done this.

    Looks lovely!
  10. Cute!
  11. wow! it looks cute!
  12. They love them here in Canada.
  13. Thank you !!
    I saw also an other version, in St. Tropez speedy damier azur is combined with a LV damier bandana azur on the handle.
  14. I love it! Just love it!
  15. i don't see azur here in austria too much. love your combo!! :biggrin: