Speedy Damier Azur in bandouliere?

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  1. Do you know if LV plans to release the DA version in bandouliere? they released the monogram B in 2011 and then the DE B in 2012... so.... :graucho: what do you think?
  2. so... no news? :'(
  3. I haven't heard... But that would be great. But then again,not sure his I like all that vachetta with the azur.
  4. I was going to wait for the Speedy b azur.... But I was too impatient lol
    I was surprised at how much light my azur speedy was to my speedy b.
    Sorry no help - :smile:
  5. Does anyone know? Just curious. My BFF wants this bag!!
  6. I can see LV coming out in azur in the future just not sure when.