Speedy damier and jeans

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  1. Hello everyone !!

    I just need your advice on my bag. I have a speedy damier 30 and the problem is that you can see a little blue stain.

    I tried baby wipes and an earser and it didn't go away !!! and i don't know where to find magic eraser (because i live in paris)

    Can you help me !! thanks
  2. They don't send in france :sad:
  3. i havent had problem with mine for two years... but if u gonna buy mr clean eraser.. then u have to be becareful because that eraser is pretty strong
  4. I used Huggies Sensative Skin wipes before with no issues. Only on the mc not vancetta. However, it will darken vancetta. You can order magic erasers at www.drugstore.com they ship internationally.
  5. If it is not that bad, you should just leave it alone. I got some denim stains on my papillon before and just left it. I swear it has lightened since but it has been years.
  6. Baby wipes took the denim stains off of my bags. I also used huggies sensitive skin, it didnt darken then vachetta on mine.
  7. Baby wipes work like magic for me. I try to wipe them off immediately. I used the fragrance free, alcohol free type if that helps. My vachetta did not get darker. Maybe you didn't wipe it hard enough.
  8. #9 Feb 23, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2009
    I'm not an expert - but I guess Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the same as your "Mr. Propre - Gomme magique":nuts: ... at least it looks the same - hope that helps :rolleyes:

    (I found out because I was looking for the German equivalent that is "Mr. Propper - der Schmutzradierer" :biggrin:... I just put it in here in case any German is looking for this information)
  9. Oh ok, next time i'd know !!!
    I tried everything to get of the stains but it didn't work so i gave up and i sold it on ebay !! But thanks everyone for your input!
    Next time i'll got a damier bag i will definitely take more care and cherish it !