speedy cruise charm...anyone have one?

  1. I have on hold for me, a panda clese and a mini speedy cruise key chain. I can't decide which will look best displayed on my bags. I have

    Cherise speedy
    Neo denim speedy
    white mc alam
    preforated speedy 30
    mc black speedy

    Please help me decide:hysteric:
  2. I think the panda will go with everything...but hey, if you can't decide...get both!
  3. Yeah..the panda WILL go with everything since it's a neutral color. But the Speedy is also hard to get ahold of and if you decide you want it later, you might have trouble. I'd get both, if possible.
  4. cant afford both? what your favorite?
  5. panda will go with everyting! I like both though...get both.
  6. I vote for the panda:heart:
  7. :lol: I think you should get the Cruise & let me have the Panda:lol: Try & get both, they are pretty rare & great pieces.
  8. I can get both, just dont have the funds for both. If anyone is intersted in either one just let me know and I get get you numbers to order one!!!
  9. Get the speedy. Its much cuter IMO.