Speedy Choices? What to get???

  1. I just rtn an Azur speedy 30 last few days ago in exchange for a BH, now i'm missing her again and i called up the store but they'r out of stck :crybaby: sob... and then as i also like Mini Lin speedy, i'm stuck...coz i dunno which to buy... :confused1: :confused1: Mini Lin or Azur? If Mini Lin, what color shld i get, Dune or ebene?? :push: Its reali a tough choice... sigh
    Pls help me to decide:shrugs:
  2. Mini Lin in ebene...I just got it and I love it. I'm not a fan of the Azur too much. The Mini Lin dune would get dirty in one day.
  3. i would go for mini lin in dune. Such a pretty colour!...and fresh looking.
  4. Azur!
  5. I like both... but to give ya a straight answer: Damier Azur.
  6. Definitely the azur
  7. azur
  8. Azur! i :heart: :heart: love :heart: :heart: mine!

    By the way, i accidently dropped :wtf: it on the dirty parking lot yesterday! i freaked out but when i picked it up it was just fine! i dont think they will get as dirty as people think.
  9. minlin ebene
    less to worry about.
  10. I am totally a fan of the Azur speedy:yes:
  11. Azur, Azur, Azur!!!
  12. Azur... I don't like Mini Lin.
  13. I would get the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene.
  14. Mini Lin Ebene!
  15. azur!