Speedy Chains or Crosiette?!?

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  1. Hi fellow tpf'rs. I have narrowed it down to these two bags and am having a hard time picking between the two. I love them both. Which one gets your vote?

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  2. Speedy, but it depends if you want a bag that stands out more or not.The Crosiette is a little more subtle.Is the crosiette ltd like the speedy?
  3. I think it's seasonal. There aren't many of either one left according to LV.
  4. Croisette !
  5. Crosiette! Much more functional than the handheld speedy!
  6. Another vote for the Croisette!
  7. Croisette has my vote. It's so beautiful yet subtle and functional.
  8. Croisette , speedy to loud for me
  9. Croisette! ditto @miss krys
  10. Croisette is a beautiful bag that is very functional but it is small. You would not be able to carry as much in it as in the Speedy. I adore the Croisette and wanted to buy it, but sadly it is too small for my needs.
  11. Croisette!! This bag is too cute!
  12. Croisette !
  13. Speedy - Croisette is too small for me....
  14. Speedy !!! But I am biased because speedy is one of my favorite bags :smile:
  15. Croisette - since it can be worn crossbody as well.