speedy cerises vs. speedy graffiti (khaki or silver?)

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  1. Help! I can't decide which I want to hunt for more. I like the speedy 30 size, does anyone know if the cerises came in that size?
  2. Cerises only came in the 25 size.
  3. Graffiti has the unfortunate problem of the printing rubbing/scraping off. I suppose over time the Cerises might have the same problem, but being a newer line perhaps they have perfected the printing now.
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  4. I am not a cerises fan. The cerises speedy only came in 25. I say go for a silver graffiti. They are less common. Here is a pic of mine. :smile:

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  5. i like the graffiti in silver.
  6. Oh- I have to agree that speedy with the silver is very nice...
  7. personally, the graffitti is too busy for me. Also it reminds me of all the XOXO and Guess bags that copied back in 2001. I do like the cerises (obviously), but for space purposes and nostalga, I vote for the Graffitti.
  8. oooh msstammy, love your bag!

    thanks for all the thoughts, gals. I've decided I must have a silver graffiti speedy...first. And then, the cerises! Let the saving begin!
  9. Tammy, that's a good looking bag! Nice, for me, definitely Graffiti in Silver!

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  10. Khaki is beautiful too.:love:
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  11. I can't choose!!! I LOVE them both!:lol:
  12. Sorry, my pictures are so freakin' large. Let's see if I get it right this time:

  13. Beautiful bags ladies:smile:

    I agree, go for grafitti.
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  14. I love the khaki speedy, it is my favorite.
  15. Graffiti Speedy in silver vote right here. I just bought mine 2 weeks ago.