Speedy Cerises 25...right size for me?


Nov 24, 2005
Rhode Island, USA
Hi, I really want to purchase a cerises speedy. I found one on ebay with the PTI cerises wallet that I am thinking of purchasing. I believe the size of the speedy is the 25 though. I currently have the damier and mini lin in the size 30 though. I am 5'9/medium frame...do you think the speedy 25 will be too small for me? Also, do you think $2200 is too much for this set. I don't know what the wallet and speedy retailed for?? Thanks!
I've seen a set like that on eBay recently. The price is high. Do you feel it is worthwhile to have both pieces? If you're looking at the BIN/OBO auction that "ultimate_handbag" has...just know his/her prices are generally high.

Depending on what you're planning to use the bag for, the size might be ok. Do you fill your Speedy 30s? Could you downsize for the sake of a super cute cerises speedy?
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Sep 5, 2007
Bay Area
I have the Cerises 25 and it is quite small imo but I HAD to have it for my small but growing collection. I used it a couple times and it is small. I prefer big bags, I have the Damier Azur speedy 30 and that is more my style. I am also looking to get the mono speedy 35.

I say go for it if you are a collector but I'm not sure how much use you are going to get out of it.

I saw the auction you are talking about and I think it is a bit high. You may want to try getting the purse and wallet separate in an auction. And always post here or ask mypoupette to check authenticity.

Good luck!
Jan 29, 2007
I think the 25 is a bit small but I carry around a lot of stuff. I've also heard a lot of people complain about the small opening on the 25 making it hard to find things in your bag.