Speedy Cerises 25...right size for me?

  1. Hi, I really want to purchase a cerises speedy. I found one on eBay with the PTI cerises wallet that I am thinking of purchasing. I believe the size of the speedy is the 25 though. I currently have the damier and mini lin in the size 30 though. I am 5'9/medium frame...do you think the speedy 25 will be too small for me? Also, do you think $2200 is too much for this set. I don't know what the wallet and speedy retailed for?? Thanks!
  2. the speedy was 995 when it came out not sure about the wallet.
  3. thanks
  4. IMO I think it's a bit much. Like BAGFETISH said it was under a 1,000.usd.
  5. Do you carry alot of stuff in your Speedy 30s? If so, then a Speedy 25 will most likely be too small for you.

    $2,200 sounds like alot, but I don't know much about the Cerise line. You may want to post a link to the eBay auction in the "Authenticate this..." thread at the top of the LV Shopping section to verify if the eBay auction is for a real Cerise instead of a fake. I would hate for you to spend your hard earned money on a fake LV!
  6. Well...you might find the 25 too small. I had both (a bunch of 30s and the cerises)...and I found the size of the 25 to be 'cute', if that makes sense. BUT...with all those smiling cherries...a smaller dose might be better.

    That said....the original retail on the speedy alone was $995 and the price of the wallet you can find in the reference thread area under S/S 2005. I think the price is a little high IMHO. If you're patient you can sometimes find the mint speedys going for $1200-ish. In terms of resale value, the cerises has taken quite a hard hit.
  7. Let-trade has speedy cerise in good condition for 900+, and they have the wallet also..for 650... much much cheaper than the one you saw on Ebay.. too way overcharge IMO
  8. Not long ago... someone found a cerises 25, an agenda, and I think a wallet or cles for $1600... I would wait until I found a better price.

    But this bag is absolutely adorable! You'll love it
  9. yea, that seems kind of pricey! but the cerises speedy is such a wonderful bag!
  10. I think the Speedy 25 is a good size on everyone-- short, petite, average, tall, lanky, full figured, curvy and anyone in between! I'm sure it would look great on you. I cannot say one way or another if that's a good price, but the other ladies seem to have that part covered.
  11. The 25 is cute especially in the cerises, it'll be fine if you don't carry too much stuff ... as for the price, it is a little high imo ... unless it's 100% brand new, then it might be okay.
  12. I like the cerise line, but don't like the speedy 25's personally. I know it's a big fav among many, but for me I prefer the speedy 30. The 25 is just too cutesy. In any case, that auction sounds kinda pricey. Try let-trade as the other said. You know it's authentic there.
  13. It sounds high $$ to me...but as for the bag size I have always wanted this bag and I think it may look a bit small on us, but I dont care I still want it. It is a bit hard to get in and out of since it is smaller. Go to the store first and compare them.
  14. I think the bag itself is adorable! All of my speedies are the 30 size except for my cerise and the fuschia denim. I don't use it often (the cerise) but I would never sell it either! I think the 25 holds more then what it looks like it would hold!
  15. how do you like the 30? perhaps you can go to LV and try on another speedy in a 25?