Speedy Cerise, Epi or Azure Damier? HELP

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  1. I'm torn between a previous owned Cerise Speedy (which was offered to me for less than a $1000), or buy a new Epi 25 in red or wait for the Spedy 25 in the Azure Ddamier? Help! What would you do? I can only get one item.......(I bought 3 LV bags in the last 3 months)...
  2. Well, since you've been offered the Cerises, I'd go with that one. The Epi isn't super hard to find and the new red will be around awhile, as is the case with the Damier Azur.
    Go with the Cerises :yes:
  3. I love the cherise speedy BUT I prefer new bags!?!

    I love the epi speedy in red! You might want to wait until the azur comes in tho- just in case you LOVE IT! You can then make a better decision.
  4. That what I'd like to say :flowers:
  5. Cerises are discontinued!
  6. Cerises from me too.
  7. I think you should really get the cerises! The other bags are always going to be available, however the cerises are discontinued! So you will be happy you got the cerises.
  8. Cerises!
  9. New bags!!! Its totally diff feeling when you are the first owner of the bag.......
  10. I also prefer new bags but since the Cerises is already discontinued, I'd get the Cerises as long as it's in good condition. Another reason for getting the Cerises is simply because it's gorgeous!
  11. i'll prefer the Cerise~ i think its sooo cute
  12. Damier Azur!
  13. cerises
  14. If you really love the cerises--get it while you can.
  15. cerise!! SOOO CUTE