Speedy Case PM vs. Wapity

  1. So I went into 2 different LVs today cuz I thought seeing them IRL would help me decide which I liked better.. the Denim Speedy Case PM or the white MC wapity and now I think I'm even more confused.

    Originally I was hoping to use these to hold coins, but after looking at the inside (it's the soft "suede"-like material like you see in the Twin Pochettes) it seems like putting coins in there is just gonna get it dirty.. but then they seem too small to put much else into it...

    When just looking at the pictures I thought I could fit 2 lipstick/glosses & a compact in there.. but I don't think so anymore?

    What are your thoughts on these items? Preference for the denim speedy case PM or the wapity? CAN you fit a compact AND 2 glosses/lipsticks in there?? Does anybody use it as a coin purse?
  2. I haven't seen them IRL but I was going to get it to hold extra credit cards. I always thought it would fit lipsticks/glosses, but is that not right?
  3. i'm sure you'll fit more into the wapity then the denim speedy case.
    I'd like to see it irl, i'm itching for another denim item :biggrin:

    Personally i cant see using the wapity as a coin purse seems a little big. Perhaps to put my cell phone/key cles/ and lip gloss in :smile: and run out the door.
  4. i would go for the wapity first and then the speedy case pm... but they're both SO cute... yeah tough decsion!!! good luck!!!!
  5. I think the wapity is a must have. You can use it for makeup (lipglosses and what not) or if you're in a hurry and need to run out. You can put cc cards, a little money an I.D. and maybe your cellphone depending on the size.