Speedy "before" and "after" instant reveal.

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  1. Some of you know I decided to have a bag custom painted. After seeing several beautiful custom painted Louis Vuitton bags on PF, YouTube and the Internet, I decided I wanted a "one of a kind" custom painted bag. I chose the Fleur de lis symbol because I love it and it is a widely used Logo throughout Louisiana. It also appears on our beloved New Orleans Saints football helmet (yes, I am a die hard fan)! I emailed the picture of the design I wanted to the artist and I am very pleased and excited with the results!

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  2. So cute! Congrats on your one of a kind!
  3. Congratulations! I love customized bags! It is unique and it represents you! I hope you enjoy it for many years!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::happydance::happydance:
  4. Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much bj! You played a major part in my decision, love your bag. :smile:
  6. Wow!!! OMGOODNESS...I love it!!! Congrats on such a huge success with making your Speedy a one of a kind! I would've been extremely nervous but I'm so happy everything went as planned! You must be excited!
  7. This is amazing!!! Big congrats on a beautiful job;). I've been thinking about doing this to my nf. Would you mind messaging me a little info on who you got your beautiful paint job done by? Thank you and enjoy your awesome bag;)
  8. I was nervous, but felt confident when I communicated with other PF members who had great success with their bags done by this artist. Thank you so much!
  9. This is fantastic! Congrats and enjoy your one of a kind!!
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. Looks great especially with the matching bag charm
  12. Thank you! I found the charm on eBay. :smile:
  13. Looks great, congrats! I love that it's something that is special and means something to you
  14. Great job and love how it looks! Congrats!
  15. Love it, congrats!