Speedy base shaper

  1. Has anyone tried this Speedy base for a canvas or mini lin Speedy 30?
    If yes, how did it look? love it or hate it?
    Did it make the bag too stiff?


    Also, do you use a pursekit AND a bottom shaper for your Speedy? Or is it just either or?
    What looks nicer?

    Sorry, too many questions.:love:I would appreciate some feedback before I make my purchase.
  2. Wow that's so neat and very creative!! Thanks!!
  3. I have it and i like it! Got it last week..
    I'm planning to buy a purseket or chameleon too for my speedy, but still not sure which one.
  4. I have several of them...they are great...I have one for every speedy I own as well as pursekets for each of them...it helps a lot with the shape.
  5. I posted this before and it works great.
    Here is an idea for you for the speedy's sagging at the bottom. You can pick up the stuff at Walmart to fix the problem or maybe any craft store.:wlae: These come in different colors and you will find them in the craft area. I didn't like my denim speedy sagging and I cut this to fit the bottom inside of my speedy. These come in peel off sticky back or not. I used the peel off sticky back kind but didn't peel off the paper. It seems to have a little more stiffness. Then just place it in th bottom and no more sagging bottom. It really works great and doesn't make the bag overly stiff in case you want to carry the bag under your arm. I would show you a pick of my speedy with it but my sister is borrowing it for now. I hope she is being nice to it. Try this trick, it only cost $1. :tup:[​IMG]
  6. I have a red one for my damier and it is the best thing ever. NO sag at all and bag has a great shape.
  7. I use a purseket and love it!
  8. For my 2 Mini Lin Speedy's (which of all the Speedy's sag the most) Here is a trick I learned here. Take a DVD case and open it up and lay it flat on the bottom of a Speedy 30. It fits perfect. NO SAG!!!
  9. I have that exact one from eBay.. same seller. ^^;;

    It's awesome! Its really soft (the leatherlike material) and it protects the bag inside-wise.. and it holds everything very nicely! and gives my bag awesome structure :biggrin:

    Best purchase. :biggrin:
  10. I just use a white cardboard box that I cut to size. I wouldn't mind buying the base shaper though. I use the Purse Brite to help shape my bag and keep all the small items from always getting lost in the bottom...it includes a light too. You can purchase it for $9.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond. :tup:

  11. The seller is a member here! :yes: Anyway, I have a white one and it's way too big for any of my speedy 30s (well, I only have two... but still!) I find it really hard to put it in and when I take it out, the corners of the base gets all scratched up. I just cut out a fairly thick manila folder and place it at the bottom of my Mini Lin Croisette speedy. I like it to sag but not too much and that does the trick!

    Btw, Let-Trade is selling bases now as well, and they're cheaper too.
  12. Than you, I got some good ideas to organize my purses.