Speedy Bandouliere 25 vs 30

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    I've watched several Youtube videos and they recommend the 25. I'm a big girl - 5'8" and a size 12. I don't carry a lot of stuff. Actually, if I'm going to the mall or grocery, I can put everything I need in the pockets of my hoodie.

    Will the 25 be better for me, or will it look small? Someone on Youtube who seems to be the same size as me or a bit smaller said in Speedy she prefers the 30 but in the Speedy B, because it's crossbody the 30 seems to stick out.

    Which print do you prefer for this style?
  2. if you don't carry much the 25 would be fine i think. jerusha couture raves about this bag on youtube and she is not petite. i like both the 25 and 30. the 25 is less bulky crossbody, but both work well that way. the only disadvantage to the 25 in my opinion, other than less capacity, is that the opening is smaller so it is not quite as easy to get larger things in and out of. this would not stop me from purchasing the 25 at all tho. best of luck with your decision : )
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  3. 30, will looks better on you and opening is much nicer
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  4. I just came from the store with the 30 bandouliere. The 25 is perfect for a crossbody, but I don’t think it is versatile as the 30. I do want to have an option to really fill this up. The 25 is a cute bag, but that’s it. Pretty small. I have a classic mono 30, the DE 30 bandouliere and my next and last one is going to be a 25 classic in DA... he cutest thing! It’s my favorite bag model ever!
  5. If you don’t carry that much then the 25. The 30 looks like a gym bag as a crossbody. I ended up selling mine because I only used it as a shoulder bag. I would get the 25 if I were to pick again on which bag I would want for a crossbody/shoulder/top handle bag.
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  6. The 25 looks better in the bandouliere/cross body version in my opinion. The 30 looks better when carried by hand or in crook of the arm. The bandouliere 30 can tend to look a little bulky, but it also looks different depending on the person and on the drop length in which you set the strap
  7. 30 is a good size and not big even on petit ladies.
    I love it in Monogram .
    So, my choice will be 30 B Monogram ( which I have for years now and still love it! )
  8. I have to completely agree here. But the above is also right that the 25 Bandollier looks better crossbody but hand held 30 all the way. Now I don't know if I would call myself petite but I do find the Epi B 25 looked really nice on me but I also think that is because it is structured. When trying the canvas prints I had to go with the 30 for my liking. I mean honestly you should wear and buy what you feel comfortable with no what your size is.
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    I've used both the 30 and 35 cross-body. I think you'd have no issues with the 30 as a cross-body other than strap length. I'm 5'7" and find most straps too short. I switched mine out with kate spade straps and they worked perfect.

    The DE is a speedyB 35 and the DA is a speedyB 30
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  10. 30
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  11. I think you will look great with both. It really depends on how much space you need to carry all of your things...and your preference on the opening. The 25 has a small opening.
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  12. Thank you for the pic! Strap length is my problem all the time too. So Speedy B strap length is short then? Aaaargh!
  13. Don't get me wrong LOL, Its not terrible....you can still use it. I just preferred the little extra of the kate spade at the time.
  14. The strap length in your pictures is my preferred length.
  15. Thank you for starting this thread. I’m 5’6” size 8/10 and am debating the 25 or 30 bandouliere. This won’t be a purchase for a while (got two new bags in the last month!) but have started debating which one. I’m kind of dead set on the 25b because I don’t want a big crossbody and love how cute the 25b looks. But I do see the 30b is more ‘popular’ with wiser LV people so it makes me think. I’ll probably end up trying both on in the store once its time as you probably will too and then you’ll know :smile:
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