Speedy bandouliere 25 or 30?

  1. Hello! I have always wanted a speedy but never liked the only hand-held-break-your-elbow option :p so glad that the damier ebene now comes in a version with a strap! Now the only thing left that is driving me crazy is which size - 25 or 30?

    (For reference, I'm about 5'5 and average build/weight). If someone could post a modelling shot I'd really appreciate it!!

    Thanks in advance!! xx
  2. Oh and I am not sure exactly what purpose I intend to use the bag for yet, just know that I've always wanted a speedy lol. Most of my bags are pretty small (I don't carry much), and I only have a couple of medium sized bags and a large Guess one... I'm thinking with the padlock the speedy B would be good to take to the airport? (Even then I wouldn't put everything in it I usually travel with family so their wheely hand carry bag things usually fit the delicate stuff that we don't want out of our sight but also do not need until we reach our destination). Just putting it all out there so you guys can help me with my options hehe :smile:
  3. I am 5'6" and I love the size 30, I feel it's perfect for what I carry. Hope this is helpful.



  4. I got a de speedy 25 a few days ago. I was really on the fence about 25 or 30. Finally the SA helped me decide even though 30 is a popular size, the 25 would suit my needs best. I also don't carry a lot of things. I also think the 25 speedy b looks great as crossbody!
  5. As I'm still in jammies, I'll just say that I'm 5'6", 125 pounds and carry the Speedy B in a size 30.

    The 25 is just too small -- not just for my frame, but also too small to hold all my gear (IPAD, agenda, wallet, lipsticks, papers, etc., etc.)
  6. I just got the 30. I didn't use it yet but I can see it will serve me better than the 25. The 25 is a good size if you don't carry much. I also liked the 35 but was talked out of it.
  7. i am about your size and went with the 30. i normally carry a 35 speedy but with the speedy b went with the 30 because it looked better crossbody. remember also, the smaller the speedy, the smaller the zipper opening, in case that matters to you.
  8. I do not have the Speedy B but I do have 2 Speedy bags (25 in DE and 30 in mono). I am tall (a little above about 5'9) and you can look at the pictures here: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/reveal-with-modelling-pics-795395.html.

    The 25 is not too small (I think of it as a medium size bag). It is great for me because I do not carry much and my Speedy 30 is very empty most of the time :biggrin: I think the Speedy 25 looks best on a smaller (dainty) size frame (regardless of your height).
  9. I don't have any speedys thought I would like speedy iylle. Came in 30 only. Too heavy for my small frame. I tried DE 25 not too small IMO
    Didn't buy because too boxy for handheld and not flat enough for shoulder carry for my uses.
    All in all I think 25 is the best option. Always looks neat not squished , saggy and floppy
  10. I have a 30 , I am 168 cm

    I found sometimes too big, nearly empty.
    If you are not carry much, 25 is better.



  11. I tried both and felt the 25 looked too small.

    I'm the same height as you and average size. (Australian size 10) The 30 is a good size on me and it also fits what I need to carry.

    Good luck with the decision!
  12. I am 5'3 and I got the 25. I don't carry that much so the 30 would have been empty most of the time. I love the way the 25 looks as a crossbody.
  13. 30! I think the 30 is just perfect!
  14. I had the 25 and sold it. I couldn't get used to hand carrying it and I was not crazy about the opening of the bag. If I ever get another speedy, I will use the cross body strap. I would go with the 30 next time too.
  15. Thank you everyone wow so many suggestions! I'm leaning towards the 30... But I still love the 25... And I'm still stuck :sad: ahhhhhh lol.