Speedy Bandolier Quality on Side Straps

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  1. Hello, i had seen on previous post someone received a speedy b and returned it as it had horizontal wrinkles on the side straps. Others she looked at had it as well.

    So I am looking to buy a speedy b 25 and since I am not close to a store my SA texted me photos from 2 speedy bs and both had these wrinkles on the side strap. Both were made in US. My mon monogram speedy 30 didn't have these marks. I have also seen them on relatively new bags for sale on eBay in the size 25.

    My question is have others had these side wrinkles on their bags? And does it eventually fade or does it get worse?


    Here are some pictures of what I am talking about



  2. I have the speedy b 30 monogram. It is still practically new with virgin vachetta even though I've had it for a year or two now. I only wear it once in a while, but I have not noticed the side wrinkling on mine. I have, however, seen this happen to others, and I think it is a common issue.

    I also noticed that 2 of my chaps are wrinkled! I have no idea how this happened (....maybe because I never carry it by hand and only carry as a crossbody??), but I conditioned them with apple leather condiitoner so I'm hoping it will help with the wrinkling. :crossing fingers:
  3. No one else has any experience with this issue???
  4. Maybe, it is the untreated vachetta leather that is doing this? I have the Speedy B25 in DE and I have used it countless times and it is very smooth and not the wrinkling you show on the sides. I have noticed slight wrinkling where the strap lies on my shoulder when I wear it crossbody though. For reference, I've had my bag since Jan of 2015.
  5. When I got my Azur Speedy B30 the both sides were badly wrinkled, I returned it and the replacement was smooth. I have noticed one side has a slight wrinkle now. I believe this is very common and will probably happen anyway, but the one picture with the stamp looks pretty bad. I would wait for another that is smoother, at least to begin with.
  6. I had to return my Speedy B30 in DE because of a few issues, one of them being large bumps/wrinkles on the side strips.
    It was quite unfortunate as it was my dream bag for so long. Don't think I want to take a chance on another :/
  7. Same for me with the identical bag! First, the store sent it out so the side piece could be fixed and then I had another issue. I ended up taking it to another store and received store credit and I got the Pochette Metis.

    I since purchased the Speedy B 25 in DE at the end of December, used it a good amount and it's all fine now. *knock on wood*

    I hope my 25 will hold up better than the 30 did. I am so in love with the 25!
  8. Guys, you can't compare DE and vachette!!
  9. This seems to vary from bag to bag on an individual basis since some seem to have the wrinkling, either on the handles or side straps, while others don't. It's not a defect per se, instead is subject to personal opinion, and is just a byproduct of the vachetta leather flexing and folding whilst the bag was assembled, shipped, and then handled once it reached the store/customer...it may be unsightly for some but in fact is an indicator of healthy leather whereas the alternative would be to crack or tear.
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  10. +1
  11. Well said!!
  12. I just got a de speedy b 30 and has a little of that same thing on the side. It bugged me at first. But now I just enjoy my bag. If I ever decide I can always have it fixed.
  13. My SA is ordering another bag in to see if its any better. I will get the one that looks the best. I just never saw this before on my mon monogram which is made in France and these were made in US