Speedy bags....which is nicer the 25 or 30?

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  1. Does anyone put cardboard on the bottom of their speedy to give it a better shape???

    Also which is nicer the Speedy 25 or 30????
  2. I just carry my speedy w/o any cardboard as I love the saggyness. :love:

    As to 25 or 30: What do you want it for?
  3. I use cardboard and a Purseket in my 30 - it still sags a bit which I love. The 30 is IMO the best size.
  4. what about for everyday handbag? Which size would you reccommend for that?
  5. i can only use the 25, which is good enough as an everyday bag for me. i have a cardboard and Purseket in it to hold the shape and stop the sagging.
  6. I prefer the look of the 25, it's way cuter IMO. And I don't carry that much stuff w/ me, the 30 would probably be too big.
    Cardboard: I have the Denim Speedy and I don't put anything in it to prevent the sagging. It doesn't look good when it's too stiff + structured IMO, it's a Speedy! They just have to be slouchy :P
  7. I have the Mono Speedy 30 :love:
    I use a magazine that I wrapped in a Priority Mail soft envelope in the bottom to keep the sagging down and the bag still looks nice too.
  8. I only put a purseket in mine to prevent the sag. I used to use cardboard on the bottom, but the purseket alone is working for me and my new speedy 30.
  9. I have a 35 which fits me perfectly as I'm pretty tall (5ft 11in) and (unfortunately) not the slimmest girl out there. :love:

    I'd suggest you try the speedy on and decide whichever fits you better while comparing them directly. :yes:
  10. i put a thin cardboard in mine....i have yet to buy a purseket.

    for me since im only 5 feet....25 looks better on me :smile:
  11. I´m getting the 25, so encouraging that people like that size too! I love them to sag, not gonna put anything put my stuff in there :biggrin:
  12. I had the 25 and exchanged it for the 30. They are both very nice, just depends how much you carry. I only use a Purseket in mine and I really don't think it sags all that much. I like a little sag in my bag!
  13. I :heart: my 30 and love its saggy :lol:
    I tried in both 25 and 30 at LV shop :yes:
    And finally bought the 30 instead of 25 :love:
    Even I'm quite skinny, I prefer carrying my 30 :graucho:
  14. what is a purseket how does it work how much do they cost and pics of a purseket???
  15. There is a whole thread on these cool things or there is pursket.com
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