Speedy bag missing "30" stamp under tag

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  1. Hi everyone - I searched this topic on the forum and read some threads with discussions about this, but didn't get a definitive answer. I just purchased a Speedy 30 DE on ebay. It was a reputable seller and I had it authenticated on this forum. However, when I got it today it didn't have the "30" stamped under the "Louis Vuitton Paris" flap. Is this a sign that it is not authentic? I have 2 weeks to return, so want to make sure this is absolutely real before keeping it. Starting to get a bit nervous now...Thanks in advance.
  2. I had a 30 that didn't have it underneath but my 25,35 (did) and 40 all clearly do
  3. sometimes it is stamped so lightly that it fades away -- my DA Speedy 30 had it when I bought it, now it's gone!!!
  4. The stamp fades over time on many bags. Doesn't mean it's fake.
  5. I was told stamp could fade also. How old is the bag
  6. The bag was made in mid 2012. So not too old, and in overall excellent condition - only light wear to one corner.