Speedy b vs Neverfull vs iena vs lymington

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  1. Hey ladies

    I’ve been debating for some time which LV bag to buy for casual shopping days, weekends and travel
    I liked the look of the Neverfull but was concerned re security, although I think it looks really cool and pretty
    I’ve recently seen the iena and lymington online
    Does anyone here who has seen irl and or experienced them have a clear preference?
    I love the DA, may consider the DE for practicality but worry in some photos it looks too brown - Im kind of a black/grey/ white person
    I think the zip of lymington and iena is more practical but am concerned whether they are big and durable enough for travel and occasional laptop carrying and whether they are as stylish as the Neverfull?

    Thanks so much in advance
  2. I don’t particularly think the Iena is stylish, but the Lymington is lovely! Really not sure which of these would hold a laptop, though...
  3. Have you considered the Jersey Tote? It’s like a Neverfull mm but with zipper closure.
  4. I own iena mm.
    No regrets.
    Here's a post with my photos & bag thoughts:
    How durable is your LV?
  5. I love my lymington. Here’s a comparison photo.

    Attached Files:

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  6. I travel a lot with my NF. I am concerned with going through airport security (stuff falling out) and being distracted in an airport, on a train, looking at a map or signs etc... and someone reaching in my bag because my focus is elsewhere. so when I travel I place very lightweight travel blanket on top of everything in the bag and then clip it shut. This pretty much solves all my above concerns and then I have a little travel blanket with me which is sooooo handy. I mention all this because your first comment was that you like the NF but worried about security.
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  7. I also recently traveled with my de Neverfull mm and put a big scarf over the contents and it worked well. I do really love using my Neverfull mm for travel.
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  8. I think for your needs, including to use for travel and carrying a laptop, the NF would be best.

    You can always cinch the NF shut or get an organizer that zips. Like you, I wanted an enclosure and to add a DA to my collection, so I bought a preowned Saleya DA and love using it on shopping days when it is not raining (my daily bag is a Speedy B DE).

    I knew the Saleya would be too small for my travel/carry on needs (and DA too light) though, so I never took it on plane trips. Also, when stuffed (incl with a laptop) and zipped up, it looks oddly shaped. I think most zippered bags would be the same. I'm now saving up for a new NF GM for travel and plan to cinch it when I take out shopping, etc. I really want a mono/pivoine, which I realize may not be as practical as DE, but that is where I stand now.
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