Speedy B stitching coming undone...normal?

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  1. Hello!

    I've had the speedy b de 30 for about 2 months now, while I do switch my bags out it has still gotten a fair amount of good use. I noticed today while I was getting into my car that the corner of the opening, the sticking was coming undone. It's quite noticeable and I don't think for the bag being this new it should be this way. It is a minor thing but now that I've seen it, I cannot seem to get over it. Has this happened to anyone else? Should I complain/have it fixed? I just don't want all the stitching to start coming undone :/ ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391803524.256625.jpg
  2. Take it to your local store so they can have a look.
  3. Sorry this happened!
    Take it back and have them fix it! How disappointing.
  4. The title didn't even sound normal- the picture is no less abnormal. Definitely take it in!!! Sorry to hear you have to go through the troubles, but I absolutely think it's better to have it looked at before it gets worse! Gl!
  5. Ok I thought it was just me and I was overreacting ...for these prices you'd expect pretty much perfection ...thanks!
  6. Definitely get it fixed, this is not normal at all. LV will take care of it for you, GL
  7. Hopefully...
  8. Absolutely! Take it in! Especially if it's only 2 months old.
  9. This is not normal. Take it in to the store as soon as possible.
  10. Not normal - but it can happen - they will fix this
  11. you could take that to be fixed
    but I would wait
  12. Thanks everyone.... It doesn't seem normal to me either and unfortunately this seems to be a trend now with their bags or at least the ones I'm getting....I had to swap out my totally last year because the stitching on the handles was soooooo poorly done that it looked cheap and fake.... :sigh:
  13. +1

    Op if take it to the store. I've had some back stitching pop up in smaller pieces, and just trimmed it shorter, but I wasn't worried about it. If you're worried, for sure take it in!
  14. Take it in!
  15. Definitely take it in.