Speedy b or Alma bb

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  1. I'm torn about my next bag. I'm really needing a weekend/runaround bag AND a bag I could use for dinners, weddings etc.

    I realize how different they are but I love both the Speedy b 30 in ebene and the Alma bb in Amarante vernis. My only concern is is the Alma bb too small? Would it be better suited as only a formal, going out bag? I do use a full size zippy which I'm sure wouldn't fit (right?) but I can just use my cles on the weekends if need be. The bb in vernis is also so pricey for such a little bag, I want to make sure I'd get my use out of it...

    Or, I could just go the safe route and get the speedy b and come up with something else to use for special occasions... What do you think?
  2. I would try both on in the store, if possible. The Alma bb is actually my favorite LV bag and I use it more or less every day. I am a minimalist so for me the size is perfect, it might be too small if you carry a lot.
    I hear the Speedy b is a great every day bag for most women, that and the Neverfull. However, I wouldn't take a Speedy b to a wedding as it looks a bit too casual.
  3. What about the speedy b 25? It's smaller and can be more structured than the 30. I will admit I took my speedy b 25 in DE to a wedding in fall when I didn't have time to switch bags. I did take off the strap and use handheld. I tried the alma bb a few times and never bring it home because I find it too small. I would go for practical and get the speedy b in either size though.
  4. Speedy B 30 for a practical run around bag is ideal but its so casual. Classic speedy is dressier but less practical. I agree that maybe you invest in a Speedy and get something like a Pochette/ Favourite for weddings?
  5. I think an alma BB in DE would be a good compromise as it is the perfect weekend bag and can also be used for dressy occasions with the strap off. You do have to downsize your zippy wallet as even my emilie is a tight fit in my BB. I can fit a mini pochette, my MC and Vernis cles, round coin purse, iPhone 6 and a packet of tissue.
  6. Take alma
    Consider both bb n mm
    Speedy for functions no no
  7. Get Speedy B in DE. You'll make use more of your money. Buy other bag for functions. There's tons of other choices. Eventhough Alma is such a pretty bag, I still won't use it in fancy occasions.
  8. I love my Alma BB's. I have Amarante Vernis, Epi Piment and DE. Your full size zippy will not fit, and if it did there would be no room left for anything else. I use a zippy coin purse with Alma BB or just a Cles. I think this bag is so chic, sophisticated and classy. It holds my essentials and I often times carry it for weeks at a time. The Amarante can be dressed up or down, though not dressy enough for very formal occasions ( Black Tie, for example). It's suitable for weddings, showers, business, business casual, fancy dinners out... I think it's a very versatile, beautiful choice. As for comparing it with a Speedy B, they serve completely different purposes. Get the one you think you'll use most to be practical, OR, get the one you love most. Good luck deciding.
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  9. I love my Alma BB in Epi Noir - I use it crossbody as I have three little ones but it's a tad small. I can fit my 6 ring key holder, Helene wallet, small key pouch (as a coin purse), my phone, some tissues and wet wipes and I'm finding it difficult to zip it up unless everything is precisely put in it's proper spot.

    When I purchased the Alma BB I was trying to decide between it and the Speedy B25 in DE. I couldn't stop thinking about the Speedy so I went back last week and purchased it. I haven't used it yet but I can see that I will be able to fit a bit more in it than the Alma!

    Good luck deciding, they are both beautiful! :smile:
  10. +1!
  11. Alma BB! Great for casual or formal events.. And it fits more than you think. I love mine!
  12. You ladies are making me want to go check out the alma be again! I have looked at it many times in store and do like it. Maybe I could see if they'd let me put somethings in one. I originally said speedy b 25, but if you can fit everything in the alma, then go for it! Speedy b can come later lol.
  13. Alma BB
  14. Go for it! It definitely dress up your outfit. If you need to bring more items you can always switch to your speedy b 25. I have both and love rotating between them.

  15. If I don't get the empreinte speedy, I will get a mono speedy b 25 AND an alma bb! <---this is why you should just pick one for now and one for later