Speedy b issues???

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  1. I am so bummed! I have had so many issues with the zipper area. I bought mine preloved on eBay by a fellow tpf member. I've had it a couple years. I don't wear it often and it was pretty new when I got it. I am wondering if anyone else has the same problems...
    First issue, the zipper pull twists around and gets stuck on the part that makes it move back and forth.
    Second issue, it's now missing the zipper end piece that keeps it sliding. I have no idea what the problem is. I am pretty positive if I take it to LV it might be costly to repair it so I may just sell it AS IS kind of thing...so annoying!
  2. I've had my speedy B for almost two years now and I haven't had any trouble with the zippers. Even though I switch out my bags pretty often, it still gets a ton of use.
    I definitely suggest taking it to the store, can't hurt to find out how much it would cost to repair it.

    Sorry to hear about all the trouble you've had!
  3. yea take it in and find out it doesn't hurt. that shouldn't happen even with a lot of use
  4. So, just so everyone is aware. They are charging me $105 at LV because the whole zipper area needs replaced.

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  5. :sad: sorry to hear that! maybe you can make a call to complain because that doesn't seem like normal wear and tear.
  6. I have had the same problem related to the first issue and it is annoying. But it is good to know they can repair it. The cost is not too steep but if you love the bag it may be worth the repair.
  7. Perhaps if you call and explain it's been nothing but trouble they will waive the fee. Either way it's definitely worth fixing.. atleast you will have a new zip, the first one could have just been faulty and you won't have any problems once replaced.
  8. I did, however since I don't have record of purchasing it they won't do it for free. I bought it on ebay from another TPF member about a year or so ago. And, yes it's worth fixing, i agree...
  9. I've had my speedy b de 30 for 4 months and have not had any trouble with the zippers, but the piping is awful. I baby my bags and the piping is peeling off. I never had this problem with my classic speedy and I had it for 2 years before I sold it. I'm so upset..... Will be going to LV tomorrow to see if this is something they will repair for free.
  10. Yikes! That's awful. I'm so sorry. I think the speedy b was never meant to be. There are so many problems and quality issues with this bag.

  11. that's terrible! 4 mo is not a long time. even my target bags have lasted problem free longer than that :sad: they should fix it for free. seriously if they don't I feel like I cant trust the LV brand. I have the same bag as you but I'm going on 2 mo let's see if there are any issues