Speedy B issues

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  1. Hi
    So I bought my first LV speedy B 30 in DE and in a month I noticed creasing on the leather on both sides. Took it to the LV store and the SA says it’s normal wear and tear. I thought it was absolutely ridiculous considering I purchased it just a month ago. She told me if it was sent for repair which I would have to pay for, that it would probably happen again. So I left the store.
    It just didn’t sit right with me so I called client services and I explained and the very nice rep told me that that is definitely not normal and they should not have told me that and he offered an exchange. I chose the Siena MM and have sent the speedy back. I am currently waiting for my Siena to ship.

    Has anyone experienced this with their speedy? I really love the shape of the speedy but I have been put off not just the speedy but LV as a whole.
    Hopefully, I have a better experience with the Siena.

    IMG_9908.jpg IMG_9909.jpg
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  2. IMG_9908.jpg IMG_9910.jpg
  3. No, mines are perfectly like new. That look like the bag had been through rain, water may cause that kinda of wrinkle?
  4. The creasing is actually pretty common. Lots of people on the forum have complained about similar creasing. LV did right by you by offering an exchange on a bag you already used.

    Bags move and shift while you wear them. Leather creases and folds as the bag moves. So I actually think that it’s normal to have some creases, but it’s really nice of LV to give you a new bag of your choice. I hope you enjoy your Siena!
  5. 84DC9F88-F8B2-4CAE-9678-5928FDDE841F.jpeg AF8780CA-B18E-4FBC-BA13-8D8947CBA07E.jpeg I bought my Speedy B 25 in October 2018 and have carried it a lot since then. I commute with it and while I’m not rough with my bags, I haven’t babied it either.

    My lock has tarnished a bit, but I have no wrinkling.
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  6. It also depends on if you are using a purse organizer and also handheld more or strap. I believe this is quite normal. Leather stretches depending on where it sits on your body.
  7. I saw the defect (not a “defect” as per SA) when i purchased the bag last month on day 1. In the store lighting it didn’t seem prominent but when i brought it home and saw it in natural light i was not happy. So I returned it the next day and got one without wrinkle.
    This creasing was not a result of wearing the bag as it was a piece straight out of the box.
  8. The first Speedy B I was offered in store was wrinkled like this; I asked for another but they didn’t have one. I ordered the one I have online and it came with smooth sides. I’m definitely not a breakout a magnifying glass to look for flaws type but I would not accept a bag that looks like the one above.
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  9. The new DE version of Speedy has softer leather and it will wrinkle quickly. I saw a new one in store and the strap was already quite wrinkled! I am so glad I have my older version with the regular leather. I bought it 2 years ago and it still looks brand new :smile:
  10. I think that's pretty bad wrinkling. I have a speedy B and have some wrinkles on my strap (came that way) but not on the sides.
  11. I have a speedy b and it didn’t do this. I think that’s not right
  12. Thank you. Surprisingly, someone said this was normal. The SA’s in the boutique said it was normal also but the customer service rep online said it’s not normal and they offered me an exchange. My credit card has been charged so I am expecting my exchange anytime now.
  13. It's normal in the sense that it's not really a "defect" as the leather can wrinkle. However for a new piece you should be able to find one without. I'm glad CS is helping you out.
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