Speedy B for Alma BB

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  1. I have completely lost the love for my speedy. [emoji19]
    It looks weird on me because I really don't carry much (with a purse organizer) and just overall gets in my way!
    I've never been interested in the alma but saw the bb in de on a lady the other day and just fell in love!!! Sooo cute. I know this bag is significantly smaller than the speedy so I'd love some advice from any of you ladies that have/had both.
    Do you find the bb to be too small?
    Also I am 5'5, I'd love to see some mod shots on similar frames. All help is much appreciated!! Thanks so much!!

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  2. I love my bb (It's vernis though not DE). I have used it for a work a few times and also for evenings out. I am able to downsize quite easily but I can comfortably fit a small deodorant, smaller wallet usually zcp, phone, keys and mini pochette. However, I feel it's quite short crossbody and I'm 5"4.

    Do you have chance to try it on and really get a feel for the bag ? If you don't use your speedy at all I'd sell. Even if you don't get the alma bb there will be something out there that works better for you.
  3. What size is your speedy? I think the speedy is a classic (and so is the alma) that will never go out of style and you never know when you might need a large bag, so it's good to have both large and small. If you can only have one of the two though, then I would say it really depends on your needs and lifestyle.
  4. The speedy looks great on you but if you lost love for it and carry minimal and will not miss the space, go for the Alma bb.

    I'm curious as well for I was thinking of replacing my speedy b 30 for the 25 or alma bb. But like you think the alma bb may be too small and previous post says strap is not that long for crossbody. I'm 5'4" :thinking:
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    I love the Alma BB in DE! I have an Alma BB in Vernis and another in Epi and I plan on adding another in DE. I don't carry a lot on a daily basis either ( my Mon Mono Speedy 25 has a ton of extra room after I put in everything I need) and the Alma BB is the perfect daily bag for me. Here's a picture of what I carry in my Alma BB. This little bag is functional and chic! It can easily be dressed up or down. While Speedy B in DE is a lovely bag, if you don't love it and don't need the extra room, id choose Alma BB! Also my iPhone 6 fits too, but was using to snap a pic. I apologize for the blurry picture, but you gat an idea of how much the bag holds. I have a little room left over, but I don't overstuff the bag.

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    What size is your Speedy? I have a 25 and can't believe how much it fits. At minimum, I keep a Sarah wallet, 2 mini pochettes, cles, phone, glasses, umbrella and usually so much more.

    It is so cute and I had the Alma bb, but sold it within months. It didn't work for me (please dear Alma lovers, don't jump all over me- OP asked for our thoughts) as I found it really, really difficult to get in and out of and I had to buy a smaller LV wallet for it. Even with the smaller wallet, my few things (zippy, cles, phone, some makeup) were so packed in there that it just didn't work for me other than taking it out on the occasional date night.
  7. How about a Speedy B 25? It's a nice in-between size.

  8. This is what I suggest too. Then you can have nice crossbody option instead of short one for Alma bb after reading post above. I looked at 25 when I bought 30 but remembered I had and sold 25 classic for being too small for my needs so 25B wouldn't be for me
  9. +1
    Also maybe consider Siena pm, it will not stick out as much when worn crossbody.
  10. I'm the same height as you and looks like you are small frame like me. I was 99% sure of buying an Alma BB; they are cute, tiny, chic and easy to wear. But I always had this thought every time I tried one...they look to young. This is not meant to offend anyone as I totally love this bag!!!! It is so classic and chic but I personally find it suits best younger gals (I'm not an old nap but I'm no spring chicken either :P)
  11. Thank you all for the advice... I think I just need to go to the store and try it out. If it's meant to be ill feel it lol
  12. good luck and show us if you have decide vor Alma:yes:
  13. I am 5'2", medium/curvy build. Here's a mod shot. For reference, it holds about the same as a Favorite MM. I only use it for dress up. The triangular shape of the bag does make you place your items strategically. Bigger/ longer items on the bottom. The epi comes with a nice microfiber lining which I love.

    The alma bb or the speedy b 25 would be nice. The speedy 25 definitely would fit more.


  14. Thank you!!! This looks sooooo pretty on you!
  15. I'm 5'6", and I ABSOLUTELY love my Alma Bb! I think it's the perfect size. It's small yet roomy to pack all the essentials and then some! It's a perfect crossbody for me too. It's such a classy and iconic silhouette.

    I think you should definitely go to store and try everything on. I was once debating the sienna pm but after trying it on a couple more times I found it was more of a casual bag. The alma can be dressed up and down for days and nights easily. I have the DE one and think it's a glorious bag. Out of all my bags, it's my favorite. Even over all my Chanel bags and I have the mini, WOC and boy XD

    I just love that it's easy and holds a bunch. I would definitely go look up the bags in YouTube videos to get a visual of everything. I think everyone should have 1 alma =]
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