Speedy B Empreinte a classic?


Oct 10, 2015
Do you think the Speedy B Empreinte in Noir (black) is a classic?

I need to add a black bag to my collection but I want something classic that I could possibly give to my daughter one day. (She's only 3 so I'd better take good care of it haha) I'm also going outside my normal price range for this one so I want it to last... Both structurally and style wise.

I looked at the EPI speedy but I hear it wrinkles and I like the idea of a strap.

I've also considered a more structured bag like the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour or Fendi 2 Jours.

TPF friends, Please help me! :smile:


Jul 31, 2009
I think that the speedy is more of a long term classic vs the sdj or the 2jours. however, the empreinte noir speedy doesn't age as nicely as the ebene speedy so over the long term, it might not be that great of an investment.

However, I think that whatever bag is precious and beautiful to you will be significant for your daughter because it belonged to you anyway, so you can pick what you like.

In my opinion, though, the best long term classic piece would be a chanel flap.


Jan 28, 2013
The Speedy is a classic shape. I think you should return the Speedy because you don't seem to care for it. The two bags you are looking at are lovely. All bags age with use. I think you should find one that age to your liking. I have seen beat up bags made out of all types of material. For me, I noticed that if people love their bag, then they take care of it and it ages nicely.
Based on your two options I pick the Fendi. Good luck!
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