Speedy b emp owners - ???

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2014
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    Hello all,

    I just returned my lumineuse for the second time because of cracking. I decided to get a credit instead of an exchange because I didn't want to deal with it cracking again and ESPECIALLY because it was so darn heavy.

    My questions:
    Do you find it heavy?

    Can you use it everyday?

    How do you wear it mostly (most comfortable)?

    For 25 owners, do you wish you had the 30?

    Orient users-anyone ever have color transfer issues?

    I really appreciate all your help!

    I also posted in the clubhouse but it is a new clubhouse so wanted to check in the main area. Thanks!
  2. I have the 25 in Infini.

    I do not find it heavy. I use it every day.

    Wear it shoulder, cross body or by hand - whatever is more practical at the time.

    25 is just fine for my use.
  3. ^^^^^ Ditto - superb bag, the 25 holds a lot. I don't like a big cross body banging around my hips, the 25 is perfect. I'm at least the third owner of my Aurore one and she looks as good as when she was new.
  4. hy,
    it is heavier than the canvas counterpart but not thhhhat much
    you can use ut everyday (i do)
    I use it more as across or hand held
    and i'm happy with going with 25 cus it feels comfier
    and the wider zipper opening makes a big change
  5. I have a 30 in Infini. I do not find the bag heavy. I absolutely love this bag. It's so functional and beautiful! I mostly carry mine crossbody right now over my winter coat. Although I am only 5'2" and slim, I prefer the size of the 30. I don't even put that much in it so the 25 would have handled my needs but I personally find the 25 too small "looks wise" but that's just personal preference. This is an amazing bag! Get one!
  6. I have the Emp speedy 25 in Infini and love it. I usually wear it on the shoulder or handheld with the the strap attached. The 25 holds a lot! It just depends on how big you want the bag to look. I don't find it heavy at all. Here is a picture for reference .....I am between 5'4 and 5'5. Sorry this one is harder to see with a black shirt, but I deleted my others.... HTH!

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  7. empreinte b 25 here,

    I haven't used it much yet because it's supposed to be a Chinese New Year gift (this Friday! :yahoo:), but I've already had my things in it numerous times here at home and tried it on for weight. I'll be using it primarily crossbody, particularly so I can have it in front of me where it won't get banged up as much.

    I probably carry less than many women, so 25 is fine for me. But the *real* reason I especially wanted 25 was because the bigger it is, the farther it sticks out from your body and the more likely it is to get bumped about on other things. Even the 25 is a little wider/bigger than what I'm used to in crossbody, but for what had become my holy grail (wow, I finally typed that phrase here on tpf ;) ), I'll make the sacrifice. ;)
  8. I, like many who posted above me, also have the Emp Speedy 25 in Infini. I've only had her for a week and a half, and I'm absolutely in love! I've used it every day since I bought her, and I don't think she's heavy at all (I'm used to only carrying leather bags though, so I might be biased). I'm 5'6" and the 30 seemed too big and slightly luggagy on me. The 25 holds a surprising amount.
  9. I'm attaching a pic here. I'm 5'2" and 115 pounds. This is the 30.

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  10. Are you at the Venetian in this picture? Love that place :smile:
  11. Do you find it heavy? I personally don't find it heavy.
    Can you use it everyday? Absolutely!
    How do you wear it mostly (most comfortable)? With strap & extension as a long shoulder bag.
    For 25 owners, do you wish you had the 30? I originally had the 30 but found it too big. The 25 is pretty roomy and the wide opening makes it easy to get things in and out.
  12. i have the 30 in Havane and love this bag! it is a little heavier than the canvas bags but not so heavy that i don't want to carry it. i don't have the shoulder-strap on mine, i always carry it in my hand or in the crook of my elbow. i really like the size of 30, it seems bigger than a canvas 30 because the zipper goes down the sides a little. i bought this bag recently thinking it would be a great bag to use in the summer as a casual bag but i've been carrying it the last two weeks non-stop!
  13. I have the Empreinte speedy 25 in Jaipur.

    I don't carry too much in that particular one b/c of the weight of the bag. I usually carry it with the strap (extra weight.) I tend to favor the bag w/o the strap if I run a quick errand.

    I prefer my classic speedy DE 35, only b/c of the weight difference due to the material. I did bring this with me during my Vegas trip in Dec due to the strap option, and it worked out great.

    Do I regret this item... definitely not. I love the color, the texture of the leather and it's fun to wear.

    I have not experienced any color transfers on mine, but I don't use it as a daily bag either.

    Just for reference, I am 5'7" approx 125/130 lbs.

    I hope you go with which ever one that makes you happy! GL!
  14. It was either the Palazzo or the Venetian... can't remember which one! :smile:
  15. Do I know my Casinos or what! Ha Ha! :lol: