Speedy B Azur vs Classic Speedy Azur

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  1. Hi guys! So I'm debating between 2 bags

    1) Speedy B 25 Azur
    2) Classic Speedy 25 Azur

    I can't decide! I love that the Speedy B can be worn multiple ways because I'm a mom to a 2 year old. This is a HUGE plus.

    However I don't like the look of the straps on the side and also I think the Speedy B can look too casual sometimes. I have a lot of casual bags so something slightly dressier might be good.

    I wish the Speedy B didn't have those straps on the side, that would make the perfect bag!

    Which would you choose?
  2. I say speedy b, having the strap is so convenient especially if you have children.
  3. Speedy B :tup:
  4. Speedy b
  5. Since many years, I wanted a speedy but with straps for sure! Speedy b is easy to use everyday. You can take off straps by the way. I do it depending situations ;)

    Speedy B is classic bag for me. Make the right choice :smile:
  6. This is the exact dilema I'm going through just now. Will check how both bags look on me this coming weekend and I'll let you know what I choose.
    One thing I'm sure of. The Speedy in azur definitely needs a bag charm :cool:
  7. Speedy B!

    I'm also trying decide Speedy or Speedy B. I don't think I could do hand carry for a whole day. I would be annoyed.
  8. in the 25 i say speedy b. if you were talking the 30 i would say classic speedy. i think the azur speedy b looks great in the 25. best of luck!
  9. I have both. I use the classic more. The B is so casual and yeah, you can remove the strap, but then the strap stays off for so long I forget I even have a B. For me: waste of $.
    I love the classic azur 25, it's so clean and paired back looking, I love it's simplicity.
    Have fun deciding.
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  10. I sold my classic speedy 25 and 30 and just bought 2 more speedy b's. I found myself never grabbing for those bags anymore. The strap is nice to have. I may not use the strap often, but am glad I have it when I do need or want it. Now I find myself not wanting to switch out of my speedy B because of how functional and practical this bag is. GLD
  11. I'd say speedy b but if you want something that is practical for having a 2 year old and a little less casual but still can be casual then check out the Siena! Also I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old and I purchased the turenne mm and I LVoe it! GL deciding!
  12. My vote gets the speedy b, as it is more functional with a child. It's worry free as you have your hands free and aren't "distracted" by your bag.
    To sum it up, as everyone has a differ met preference: I'd try both bags in your store and walk around with your child as you usually would and find out what works best for you.
  13. Without doubt the speedy b. With a two year old you need hands free sometimes. For me it is only casual if worn crossbody use the hands and the shoulder for a smarter look
  14. For me it would be the Speedy B because of the strap for those times you want to be hands free.
  15. Thanks everyone for your help. I decided on the Speedy B. No regrets!