Speedy B 35 unzipped?!

  1. I have speedy b 30 and love it, i almost always use the bandolier strap, and have it unzipped as well. Now I'm looking to times when i need to carry just a few extras, and considering getting the 35 for upcoming cooler weather, a book to carry etc. Question is, with the 35 unzipped on the bando strap on my shoulder, how slouchy and hanging open will speedy 35 be? Like stuff spilling out open, or more like a saggy tote? I have seen a few YT videos where the comment is unzipped it's really floppy and open, due to the larger size. Anyone have a modeling shot with it unzipped? Thanks in advance!
  2. I think most of the time I used my Speedy B35 while traveling around, it stayed open. After I got a Samorga insert, it was just an open purse. Not a tote, and not a saggy bag. A very nice bag. Now if you put a huge dumbbell inside, it would sag, but not with normal things. No photo, sorry.