Speedy B 35 in DE

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  1. Hello my lovely Purse-A-Holics!

    You've all been ever-so-helpful with my previous purchases and I was hoping you'd be willing to chip in your two cents worth again!

    I'm considering getting a Speedy B 35 in DE.

    Quick facts: 30, 6 ft tall. Plus size, MD (Hospital-based paediatrics), travel frequently, would like zipped bags that can hold my purse, iPad mini, a book or two, a large water bottle, medical paraphernalia, scrubs, a pouch.

    Think all that would fit into it? :smile:

    I have a Neverfull MM and whilst it fit a lot, the shoulder straps were icky and I don't like how everyone can peek into it. As there isn't a zip, things would often get wet.

    Oh and if you're 6ft tall and are kind enough to share some modelling shots, I'd appreciate it!

    Thanks a million!
  2. Well, I don't have a Speedy 35, but I do have a 30. I love it! I am also a doctor. I carry several journals and pocket textbooks with me. Although I enjoy using the Speedy a lot ( especially for travel), it is not the best option when I want to carry lots of things. I think a Longchamp tote will be excellent for what you need. Hope someone with a 35 could help you more ...
  3. I have a 35 and it's actually very big. You can definitely fit everything in there. I feel that it's too big for everyday use and looks more like a travel bag. I bought the 25 after and I am really happy with this size, but I am having a hard time letting go of my 35. I think it would look good on your frame and as a carry-on. Keep in mind that it is a bottomless pit and you may need a purse organizer to use with it.
  4. Well I am not a doctor (scared of blood and guts as well as not being smart enough for it), but I am a current university student and I occasionally use my Speedy 35B for classes and such and I find that it fits a ton! I am able to fit my 13' Retina MBP, an A4 notebook as well as a smaller A5 notebook, the smaller sized VOSS water bottle, as well as a Pochette with my personal items in there (lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitiser, etc.) and another Pochette for tech items (cables, charger, hard drive, etc.), a small pencil case as well as my wallet and keys. Although its pretty heavy, but I can still fit more stuff in there if I organise everything neatly. I am sure you would be able to fit all the things you need with the Speedy 35B. Best to take all the things you need with you to a boutique if you are close to one and place everything inside. Best of luck in deciding!

    ps. I have the old model Speedy B (not sure if anything that drastic has changed in dimensions, etc.).
  5. Hello! Im also a doctor and had a B30 at one time (I gave it up because the long strap cut into my shoulder when full).
    Yes, all that would fit in a 35...I was able to pack as much into a 30....and by gadgets I carried a handheld infrared thermometer, an otoscope/ophthalmoscope, Reflex hammer, portable pulse oximeter, a couple of handy med notes + everything else you mentioned (hand sanitizer, tablet, Emilie wallet, cardigan, makeup pouch).
  6. Wow! I might be adding a 35 to my collection! I love the Speedy shape. But of course, with a strap. I think I'll be ising it as a carry on bag.
    P.S. I'm having trouble using this new PF. :sad: I tried to reply to you, and then it didn't let me write what I had to say. The only way I could write this was through editing.
  7. I have to say....I have had all 3 sizes of the speedy's and my favorite is my 35. In fact, I never thought I would want the 35 and I just ordered it in the monogram as well. Now I have a speedy b 25 in mono, a speedy b 35 in DE, and now a speedy b 35 in mono. I sold my 30 classic. I just love the opening on the 35. Once I got use to the size of the 35, there is no going back to a 30 for me. Plus I like the slouch as well. Once the canvas relaxed, it is one of my most used bags. I'm also on the petite side
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  8. I personally believe the 35 is too big. I have the DE 25b and I'm 5"9. I would personally go for the 30 :smile:
  9. It sounds like the 35 could work quite well for you! I would suggest checking out some You Tube videos to see what people can fit into that bag.
  10. i have a 35 and love it, but then again i adore bigger bags. i have a mono speedy 25 and it's way too small for me. when i tried the speedy b in the 30 vs 35 i just knew i wanted something that could carry all my stuff. it's my workhorse and i adore it. i say you try both of them on and see what you think looks/feels better.
    for reference, i'm 5ft6. ;)