Speedy B 30 or Pochette Metis - advice?

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  1. My birthday is coming up and I'm really stuck between these two bags. I'm looking for a comfortable crossbody and shoulder bag. I'm thinking of the Speedy B 30 in monogram or the Pochette Metis. I currently have the Speedy B 35 in DE which I use in winter and rainy days or travelling. I'm unsure if it's redundant having another speedy b? I love the look of the pochette metis, it's so classy and elegant. I like that it can be used for night and day but it's smaller and more expensive. I'm really stuck and can't decided. Would love some input and advice :smile:
  2. Depends how much you need to carry...the Metis P isnt roomy by any means, essentials only. It's a great bag, but if you need to carry a lot of stuff, I'd stick with a Speedy B.
  3. I like the speedy b better. Its more versatile. I tried the Pochette Metis on and the only way I liked it was cross body. It does not look nice as a handheld clutch. The shoulder option is ok but it bumps off your hip alot making the bag swing out ward. Good luck :smile:
  4. Speedy b! I did not care for the Metis when I tried it on in the store.
  5. +1 the pochette metis is really pretty, but didn't work for me space wise. the speedy b 30 holds so much more. even the speedy b 25 holds a lot more than the pm. i vote for speedy b!
  6. Speedy B and the 30 is the perfect size.
  7. If you pack light, I like the métis for more variety in your collection :smile: both are beautiful and useful bags though. Maybe check out the clubhouse and see if one speaks to you more. Good luck!!
  8. 'cause you already have a speedy I would go with the metis for shure!👍
  9. I would still go with speedy
    bigger classier and more options
  10. Métis - it is more expensive because it has a lot more design elements, classier and it looks more expensive IMHO.
  11. Metis pochette is such a well made bag with amazing detail. It is gorgeous but the two bags you are comparong are for different purposes. I would rather pay more and get the Metis. You have to learn how to downsize but once you do it's a great feeling to travel light and not be weighed down by your bag. I am all for the whole smaller bag trend. It's made me realize how much I really DON'T need to to carry with me every day. I never use my Retiro any more. Although I love it, I would tend to carry more simply because it would fit in the bag. Have you been to the store to try out a small bag?
  12. I have both the speedy b 30 and I just got the Pochette Metis. They are very different bags. The speedy is causal, large, and can have the slouchy look. It's great for its size and the way you can carry it several ways for a different look. The Metis is crisp, chic, classy, and earns its price tag due to the design elements, as mentioned above. It also can be carried different ways for a different look, but even worn with a casual outfit, it will still look more chic, IMO. It's much smaller inside, and you will not be able to carry a file, large book, or water bottle inside, like you could with a speedy.

    Like Baglady above said, I am enjoying downsizing and carrying only the essentials. When I need to carry more for a specific reason, I can grab my Totally GM or my Speedy B 30 for the day and get the job done in style as well.

    Since you have a speedy 35, I'd add the Pochette Metis to your wardrobe. I have loved mine. This bag got under my skin quite a while ago, but I kept buying other bags b/c I was concerned about the size being too small. Since I have actually bought it and carried it, I can say I have no regrets. HTH!
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    I haven't seen the Metis in person, just photos and a couple of youtube videos. I don't plan to carry much as I will also be carrying a diaper bag. That's why I wanted something crossbody and small. I'm currently using the pochette MN with a strap . Do you find the Metis clasp easy to use?
  14. The metis seems like a very classy bag, and one that won't age like the speedy b monogram. I don't plan to carry too much as I will also have a diaper bag. So it will be used mostly crossbody. Do you find the strap long enough for crossbody and is the clasp easy to use.
  15. From what I've read, I'm the only one with a learning curve on the clasp. :P As long as you don't pull on flap, or hold it by the vachetta handle and tug upwards, it opens like butter. You have to leave the flap alone and just push on the round button thing and it pops open. If you're pulling or holding the flap, it tugs against the release mechanism and sticks. Honestly, it's not hard to use. I love it. But, I also love the speedy B, so either choice is going to be great. Yes, it works as cross body great. Personally, I like carrying it on my shoulder vs cross body, but that's just my comfort zone. I find it makes me look taller and slimmer on the shoulder. Pure vanity.