Speedy B 30 or Palermo PM

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  1. Hi LV lovers,
    This is going to be my very first LV purchase and I am still debating between this two bags..

    Being a new mom I like both bag with the strap option so I can have my hands free. Speedy is very popular and it's a time piece of LV but I think the palermo PM will work better with my new life style..

    But then this could be the only one chance for me to own such a beautiful and expensive bag...

    Emmmm decision decision :sad:

    I am lost between this two.. Help!
  2. well, the palermo is a great bag for work
    it fits a lot and very narrow shape and structured so it works for man and woman
    the speedy is more popular as you said but that is becuse the bag is really roomi and flexibale
    the speedy is round shape so iit's like a "ball" on your shoulder
    it tends to sac but the b options offers plenty ways to carry (more than the palermo)
    it can also shape according to what you use it for
    good luck :smile:
  3. Like you said, the speedy is a more classic option. I personally LOVE the speedy style, I have this bag in many sizes.

    Since as a new mom, you need to have your hands free, I would suggest the speedy B option, so you can wear this timeless classic as a shoulder bag.

    I know, many people can't afford, or aren't in the mood to buy new bags all the times, so we have to be conscientious of our purchases. You need something you'll wear for many years to come. Think long and hard. Good luck! :smile:
  4. Speedy b for sure!!! I have seen the Palermo and personally do not like the way it ages. If this is going to be your first LV then go for the speedy b! :smile:
  5. Con you try them on? I like both but they will sit differently on your body so you may want to go with the more comfortable and flattering bag. They are both beautiful and similar so you can't go wrong with either.
  6. I personally love the Palermo. I absolutely love the way it looks.
  7. I like both of these bags very much, but as a mom of 4 kids, I suggest you get the Speedy B in the DE print. This way stains can be wiped off from the entire bag with no worries. If you don't like the DE print, I still suggest the Speedy B because you can wear the bag 3 different ways. I think you will appreciate being able to use it crossbody with the kids, but detach the strap and take her out hand-held when you are with your husband or friends. I have the Speedy B in the Empreinte and I love the functionality of it!!
  8. i thnk the palermo is better cause it has a strap and is more functional
  9. Hello everyone , thank you all so much for the inputs.

    I haven't try both bags on me yet, last time I went to LV store I did tried on the Totally and Neverfull because at first I thought that the tote bag style will be better for me as a new mom but since then I have done alot of research which come down to conclusion that I need Zipper (as the NF has no zipper) and Strap option on the bag.

    I will reveal my purchase in the next week or so , thank you all again. 😊