Speedy B 30 or Balenciaga City

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  1. If you can only choose one, which would it be and why?
    Your comments are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I commented on your other thread, too. Most here will say Speedy and probably most on the Bal side will say City. I personally think every LV girl needs a Speedy so that one gets my vote!! My favorite Bal bag is the Day.
  3. speedy!
  4. I'd prefer the speedy b 30 only if it is empriente --- I'd choose bal city!!! I have the 3 bal city bags and 3 regular speedy bags.
  5. I have lots of LV and no balenciaga so when I went into the boutique, the metallic black edge city caught my eye and it was my very first bal bag! Love it! I would get both and rotate them.
  6. Speedy if it's Empreinte or else Bal City!
  7. Speedy B. Its a 3 in one bag IMO
  8. I have both & love them both , if I had to get one I would get the Speedy b because I know it would still look good in years to come . Get Speedy first!
  9. Speedy B
  10. Speedy B.

    I had a Balenciaga black city and sold it for next to nothing. The leather on the edges of the bag wear terribly. I had only used it on and off for about two years. This bag does not age well. The speedy B you will have for years.
  11. Speedy!!!!
  12. My vote goes to Speedy B because with a little care, it will age gracefully. As much as I love Bal leather, it does not age very well - darkened sticky handles are a big no no!
  13. I also have both, and, my vote is for the Speedy. The Speedy is iconic. Not to say that Balenciaga is not an important piece, but, that feeling that I got when I purchased my first Speedy......
  14. Speedy. I have two city's and rarely use bc of shoulder strap and poor wear/tear. Kind of wish I never bought them :sad:
  15. Thank you for your answers!
    I didn't realize that Balenciaga leather does not age very well.