Speedy B 30 DE vs Speedy B 30 Empreinte black

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Speedy B 30 DE or Black Speedy 30 empreinte?

  1. Speedy B DE

  2. Black Speedy empreinte

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi! I just sold my Speedy 30 DE because I needed a crossbody bag. Now I can't decide if buy the Speedy B in DE or the new black empreinte Speedy 30.
    I would like an everyday bag that I can take to work or also in my free time with my children. Help me decide, please!
  2. I would go with the DE because the price is right for me. the empreinte is a little over my budget but the advantage of it over DE is the empreinte has a wider opening and of course it has the most beautiful array of colors and the leather itself is beautiful. Review your collection and see if you have too much DE then you probably want to venture to another print I vote for 30 DE because that is what is 1st on my wish list right now. I travel a lot and I figure I can take it to the plane with me, work and baby bag when I am with my daughter. Goodluk.
  3. I think canvas will be more durable over the long run- especially since you'll be using it as a daily bag.
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  4. Empreinte is beautiful, but I find that it is best for hand-carried bags such as the Montaigne, so that it does not rub against anything. My Montaigne has remained in perfect condition, but when I had a Speedy B 30 in Empreinte (Orient), it showed wear very quickly. I still want to buy an Empreinte Speedy B, but only for hand-carry. The DE you can do anything with and it will stay perfect.
  5. I love love empreinte but I have to admit canvas speedy b will last longer than the empteinte. I have the speedy b in empreinte, mostly use as a crossbody and i dont use it a lot, the leather where the strap attaches got softer n kinda make it lose it shape around there. I careless about it but i know it might annoy some other to see their bag "deformed" after a few months of use. I think the canvas will not stretch like this. Also i find it heavy wearing it crossbody with all my essentials and i dont bring much with me too! But i have the old model so maybe the new one is lighter?
  6. Empreinte for the wider opening.
  7. The DE Speedy is better for everyday use. I love mine!
  8. I vote for the DE. I had the empriente Speedy B 25 noir and returned it due to cracking of the hot stamp, and some other quality issues. The DE is going to be substantially lighter as well, if you are going to be running around with little one- I image you are going to load it up with some of these stuff as well.
  9. Thanks to everybody for your usefull suggestions! :smile: