Speedy B 25 or Alma BB?

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  1. Hi everyone, hope you can provide me with your opinions and feedback!

    I'm currently trying to decide between a speedy b 25 in damier ebene or alma bb in damier ebene. I currently own a speedy b 30 on DE and am planning to sell it because it just feels too big and gets heavy quickly. I want a bag that I will primarily use on the weekends but can also carry daily too if needed. I am only 5'3" and have been learning to downsize what I carry with me, I typically use my pochette nm on the weekends.

    Can anyone who has both speedy b 25 and alma bb comment on which you find that you use more often and find more practical. I love both but since the price difference is so small I want to make sure I get something I won't regret like speedy b 30. Thanks again!
  2. Both beautiful pieces! I currently have the Speedy B 25 and have had the Alma BB but sold that because I wanted an Alma PM. :graucho:
    Of course Speedy B can fit more but depends how much you'd carry. I think BB is very cute in DE and there are tons of members here that would recommend the BB. If you didn't like the Speedy B, I'd tell you to go for the BB.
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    My vote is for the Alma BB. I love the look of this small bag and think it would be perfect for weekend use. It surprisingly fits a lot for a small bag. I have two Alma BB's and they are favorite bags in my small collection. I have no problem fitting my daily essentials in my Alma BB and sometimes carry my Epi Alma BB for weeks at a time. Speedy B 25 is a beautiful bag as well. Maybe try both on if you can and choose the one you see yourself using most often. Good luck!
  4. Would you say you could fit a compact sarah wallet in the Alma BB? TIA
  5. Go for the alma bb.. I have the damier ebene one and have been using it daily since xmas. I definitely reach for smaller bags and this one fits all of my daily essentials. For some reason, I'm not a big fan of the speedy b, the shape of the alma looks more feminine to me, which fits my style better.
  6. Yes, this should fit. I use a zippy coin purse as my wallet when carrying my Alma BB's.
  7. I would go for speedy 25 DE. You can use her for travel as well. Alma BB strap is very long and not adjustable.
  8. I don't have an alma but i would get the speedy b 25. Live mine so useful.
  9. I have a Speedy b 25 and an Alma BB. The Speedy holds triple what the BB can carry. Maybe more. It's more of an every day bag. The BB is really great but you really have to downsize. I don't carry a wallet when I use it, just a card holder or cles. A wallet fits but putting a wallet back into an Alma BB amongst the other items requires arranging and maneuvering, which is annoying. I love my BB but I don't carry much in it, compared to the Speedy. The speedy size is more practical.
  10. Speedy 25 B all day every day over Alma BB! Also I would recommend the Noe BB! Ooops did I make it harder?:faint:
  11. The speedy b 25 for sure. I don't have the alma bb but I have the alma pm and I love my speedy more!
  12. I will sell the speedy B 30 and get the speedy B 25! I'm 5 feet 4 and quite slim and the speedy B 25 looks perfect on me!! I have a speedy 30 and it's quite bulky and I hardly use the bag because I don't carry a lot. Probably would use this as my diaper bag now....

    I have been debating on Alma BB DE since 2013 but I found it too small and I eventually getting another bag. Last week I went to the LV store and look at the bag it looks quite small compare to my speedy B 25. My husband was like" Isn't this the bag you have been eyeing" Hahas Yes indeed but I think it would be a perfect bag if only I carry minimum items. The strap on the alma bb is too long and I'm not short. So I will put that in consideration!

    I understand your situation!! My best suggestion is trying both bags in the store and take your time deciding, don't feel bad going to the store and trying it on without any purchase. LV bags aren't cheap..... you don't want to regret getting a bag you don't want.