Speedy B 25 DE or Herbag? Please help me decide.

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  1. I am thorn between getting the speedy b 25 or herbag zip 31? I both like them equally I don't have Hermes yet but I find the speedy more practical. What do you guys think? Where will I get the most use out of?
  2. #2 May 23, 2016
    Last edited: May 23, 2016
    I bought my Herbag zip 31 around 5 years ago but I used it only less than 10 times.Now just sitting peacefully in my closet.It is such a pain to get in and out of it also along with the leather is very easy to be scratched.The canvas is getting dirty easily too.
    I tend to keep it as a souvenir from Japan trip.thats all.
    Better save for any other more practical H bag,ex,Garden party or picotin,,.I love my garden party so much.More user friendly :smile:

    If u want something practical between this two,so go for the speedy!

    I'm planning to get one soon too;);)
  3. Speedy
  4. The Herbag would definitely add variety to your bag collection although you would most likely get more use out of the Speedy due to its practicality and functionality.
  5. Speedy.
  6. I am going to say something terrible but true:
    The Herbag is the Hermès of the 'poor.' It's really not a great bag at all and for the price you can get a really fine designer bag elsewhere. I totally understand people who want a Kelly, a Birkin, etc, but I think you will regret putting money into the Herbag.

    If you want to purchase something from Hermès, save longer and buy a nice piece or go for a SLG.
    Herbag owners, don't be mad at me!
  7. Thanks for opening my eyes on the Herbag. I was getting to make an offer to the one I was eyeing for but I was already worried of getting it dirty but I still want it because that's the only Hermes I can afford for a bag currently, I guess I will just save my money for the Birkin I want. and I will get me speedy soon.
  8. Def speedy
  9. What is SLG? I've seen it many times but never figured out :P
  10. Small leather goods like wallets, pouches, agendas, etc
  11. Haha thanks!
  12. Never been a fan of the Herbag and as mentioned either get the speedy or save for a quality leather bag.
    I have the Picotin 22 and speedy and both are easier bags to use and very carefree.