speedy azure

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  1. Does anybody know where I can get the speedy 30 azure bag? went to SF and seems like all LV stores are sold out
  2. azur is sold out at sf lv???
  3. Try calling the eluxury line.. or 866-Vuitton.. I'm sure they will be happy to track it down for you!! :biggrin:
  4. wat is the 866 #? ... 866884886???
  5. I'd say check elux and 866 as well. I called up my local LV and there's still a waitlist for the speedy til now!
  6. yeah went there yesterday and wanted to get the speedy 30 azure and said they were sold out and would have to go on a waiting list.
  7. wat is this 866 #?
  8. It's 866-Vuitton. They'll help you locate just about any piece you want, as long as it's still available. But if you don't get an azur speedy now, there will definitely be more available in the future. It's a permanent line and there's just a high demand for it since it's so new. Also keep checking eluxury.
  9. ^ditto!!! LOL
  10. I'm glad it's a permanent line which I don't have to get it now :smile:
  11. I saw an Azur Speedy at Saks LV store in Boca Raton florida on saturday. You may want to call there. Good luck!
  12. I went into the Sydney King Street store last week and the SA told me there is a "worldwide shortage" as they dont have the materials to make the bag. I was so devastated as I intended to buy the bag that day, despite never seeing it in real life
  13. keep checking elux because sometimes they have it. if they do, be sure to click buy now because they disappear rather quickly :P
  14. they sold out hella quick!! i called teh sa and he told me that even the bags on displayed were bought, so i have to be on the waitlist.. maybe for like 1 or COUPLE Of weeks?! i d k... diff sa told me diff things. i need to get that bag before christmas!! how long does it usually take to be under the waitlist? <for my mini lin it took only 3 days.. but it was cux there was a big shipment, i doubt azur will have big shipment>
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