Speedy Azur... eluxury NOW!!!

  1. Anyone looking for the Speedy Azur 30... they are on eluxury RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
  2. never mind... sold out now :sad:
  3. Hehe. It will be back.
  4. It's there again...woo I want a speedy 25!!!
  5. It's gone again...so fast!
  6. This is fun!

  7. :sad: waaaah i just called bf from NYC, to buy me an azur speedy from elux, but its already gone:hysteric: ....:push: :crybaby: :crybaby: sad...
  8. oh..i want but i'm not in us
  9. I just got a Speedy 30 I love it!
  10. argh, why do i want this so bad?
  11. Wow the madness of the azur!! I love it!!
  12. This is funny thread...

    it's there..oh gone now...it's there...oh sold now..

    Hang in there ladies..just keep refreshing the screen..
  13. Yep, I just checked again....no more:shame: does anyone know off hand how much it is? I cant remember. Cant decide between this or the Accessories Pouch which is $285, but they are out of it too. More time to save $$, lol.
  14. Wow - that was fast! I just wanted to see it, I think......
  15. Wow that was fast.