Jul 28, 2016
Sorry for the long post...3 years ago my dad bought me my first LV..artsy because I had a career change and he said " a new career deserves a great bag" I have added to my collection a speedy 30 azur, speedy B 35 ebene, and a neverfull gm monogram. The original artsy which I used for 2 years straight had the cracking along the top of the canvas. I brought it into Louis Vuitton in October and they took back the bag and gave me a brand new artsy. Apparently there was a quality issue the year it was manufactured. I love the artsy because its so pretty but I must admit the speedy style is my favorite. I have been itching for a speedy 30 monogram but I just can't justify it since I have a brand new artsy sitting in my closet. I haven't used it yet because I have been using my speedy B. Im sentimental about the artsy because my dad passed 6 months after he bought it for me. Should I sell the new artsy and get the speedy mono or should I keep the artsy. Im so torn because of my dad. He really had such great taste!!!!


Nov 17, 2013
Awwww...that's a difficult one. Personally I would probably keep the Artsy and add a Mono Speedy. You're not ready to let the Artsy go yet...you wouldn't ask for opinions if you were. Only sell it when you have no doubt and know that you won't regret it.


Sep 17, 2006
Awe, you had a very considerate dad who cared and loved you very much ! I think that he would want you to be happy, I do believe that when someone truly cares for you they ultimately want you to be happy. The memories never really go away ,even if you sell the bag. You may just need some more time. After my mom passed it was very difficult to get rid of things, but in time I realized I will always have my special memories even if i had to part with some of her things. Just my opinion.


Jan 3, 2016
I would keep it and collect money to add the speedy. My mom passed away when I was young and my dad sold almost every LV she had. My grandma had two of her Chanel and she gave it to my sister and me. We were so happy and it's souvenirs.

I had a wallet from my mom that got stollen about 10 years ago, it felt horrible because it was not just mine. But in the end, I still have my memories and no-one is taking them away ...


Apr 27, 2009
LV Land
I would keep the Artsy. It's a special story and you will want to reach for that bag some day. The Speedy is reasonable enough to save for and have sometime soon.
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Mar 27, 2006
Not where I'd like to be
Since this Artsy is already no longer the original bag your dad bought you because you had to exchange it I would sell it and buy what you will actually use. I am not a sentimental person so I do not assign emotional value to inanimate objects. To me the value is in the memories I was able to create with my parents and the legacy that they created in their charitable work.
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