Speedy and Zippy Wallet

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this stuff, but here is my plan... I'm going to Valencia, Spain in january and I'm planning to enter the Louis Vuitton store to buy a little something for myself... :yahoo:

    It will be my graduation/got a job purchase. I really want a Mini Lin Speedy, am totally in love with the chocolaty dark handles and overall color. I'm not too worried that it is delicate, as this will not be my everyday bag :P So if they have it, I'm definetly buying it.

    I've been looking at eLux to try to decide on a wallet, but to my horror the wallets are just as expensive as the bags :shrugs: Why? I really like the look of the Epi Zippy Wallet in black, classic yet functional. But it's 585 usd?!?! And the speedy is 675 usd.... Doesn't make sense....

    Ok, so my question to you ladies is, is it worth it? Will they be a good pair, and how durable is the Epi wallet, as I would probably use this as my everyday wallet.

    Are there any other wallets that you might suggest? Since I live north of nowhere I've never been in a LV store before, never even seen an LV item IRL :crybaby: I have no idea what is good/no-good...

    Oh, and a quick question, what are the odds that the LV store in Valencia will have these items in stock?
  2. Great info, thanks! The thread made me even more hungry for a zippy wallet in Epi black :heart: even though the price is a bit :sad:

    Anyone have any information on the store in Valencia? Or stores in general, what are my chances of getting a Mini Lin Speedy and a black Epi Zippy Wallet? I think they will look sooooo god together :P
  3. I have a portemonnaie plat in white and black mc, it's not big but it teaches me not to carry unnecessary stuff around :smile: You can look it up on eluxury or vuitton.com, it's not that expensive.
  4. I have a mono zippy wallet and it cost $600 but it was worth it. It holds all my cards and I'll use it for years with all my bags. When I bought it te SA showed me so many different wallets it was tough to keep track of them all. Ultimately it came down to the number of card slots and the zipper, I live zipped wallets!